Apple brags about its privacy bona fides, but hasn't endorsed, and at times has opposed, strong privacy legislation. If it's going use privacy to lure in more buyers, it has an obligation to its customers to live up to its promises, says EFF's @imck82.

"Epic Games supports Blender Foundation with $1.2 million Epic MegaGrant —

Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software

Epic Games Supports Blender Foundation with $1.2M" -


I assume regular people don’t have the phrase “I’m no horse professor” run through their brain atleast once a day like I do?

"New face of the £50 note is revealed

The note - once called the currency of corrupt elites - gets a makeover with the image of a computer pioneer.

Alan Turing to feature on new £50 note" –

Finally finished "Stranger Things 3" and the part that really required a suspension of disbelief was the full-duplex, zero-latency, noise-free radio connection for the musical duet. It's like the Duffer Brothers have never even called CQ on an DX QSO over an HF band.

If you ever wanted to get into blender, now is the time:

The new version totally overhauls the interface to be a lot more intuitive.

Instead of enshrining Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft as the Internet’s permanent overlords and then striving to make them as benign as possible, we can fix the Internet by making Big Tech less central to its future.


How cool is this?? Goal: find someway to use coding and robots in Algebra 2. Wait. First goal: find someway to get the robots...


We troll bots for a living. This one made 3.7M unsuccessful HTTP requests in 24 hrs, and we responded to each with a js cryptographic challenge, which effectively tarpits the bot by sucking up CPU resources. Expensive, Lambda CPU resources. This guy's AWS bill is going to be nuts


A bug in GE Aestiva and GE Aespire anesthesia machines (7100 and 7900) can be exploited over the network to change settings and concentration of the anesthetic gas, has discovered


You didn’t think I quit making weird stuff , now did ya? Introducing a barometric trigger wifi beacon flooder... (yes, I technically could run a deauth attack , but I like beacon floods more)

Yeah sex is cool but have you tried an original IBM PC power switch *clunk* #retrocomputing


These are keys to a used Folger Adam mogul cylinder that used to be in a prison... master key on top of bottom level operating key. I can’t help but wonder who set this system up, where any user’s key can be filed into a master key. ☹️

Hey, have you ever done a video about wringing?

It's a phenomenon that is super weird, easy to demonstrate but not fully understood.

I actually got this one, but I only really knew the first 2 and then understood the gist of what they were going for:


Arrived in LA and seem to have caused a tremor… I apologise unreservedly

The series Kingpin Katie is yet another series which shows that the current team can make a fantastic show with a pretty tight budget.

Really hope that Dropout is working well for CH, because and the whole CH team are doing a great job.

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