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Do any of you have a programming jig for your watches? Something that I could 3D print or easily DIY fabricate?

I want a simpler way to connect my programmer to my watch while still being able to see the display.

@PINE64 Is there anywhere to sign up for a restock message for the PinePhone?

I'm really interested in doing some dev work for it given my newfound free time.

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21st century microfiche -
“do you have the data sheet?”
“Yeah sure here, you may need an electron microscope”

Sorry for the bad images I made it so small my nice optical microscope had trouble resolving it

Basically, is this a janky solution or worth pursuing?

Anyone here have experience with running on with something like ?

I want a simple, clean solution for running containers on .

(ps, I understand that jails are far superior, but sometimes I just need containers)

I don't believe that fix will be persistent, though, so make sure you pop in an init to patch that change in on boot.

Just a heads up to anyone setting up 11.3-U1 with the (based on ) service. TLS will not work out of the box!

You need to edit `/etc/local/rc.d/minio` and change the `minio_certs` variable to `/usr/local/etc/minio/certs`!

Not sure if anyone is bored, but Unity is offering their premium Unity Learn for free right now:

I hope people develop a lot of great indie games over the next few months.

Can anyone recommend a self-hosted, shared grocery list with a good Android client and end-to-end encryption?

I've always hated the macOS Time Machine backup for its horrible animations. Now I can use it myself!

Cronopete – A Linux clone of Time Machine -

I have to admit, after many years of not getting involved in this war....

...I use vi on a daily basis and very rarely run Emacs.

everyone wants a Potion of Extra Fingers but no one wants to spend 2-3 decades learning the mystic secrets of Fingermancy

Finally got around to trying on my laptop and I have to say that I have been enjoying it so far.

As much as I love , I understand that it's not a platform for everyone, so seeing a distro that wraps many of the strengths of Arch into a shiny package with a really simple install is super neat.

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Don't forget, we all have an amazing opportunity here to express our common humanity by reading up on bodyweight exercises and emerging from our quarantines a few months from now completely toned/swole af

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Having kids home from school for a month is going to be an experiment in parenting. I have been pointing families to for edutainment that includes lesson plans. Parents, what tips do you have? Let's do this together.

Dear folk:

Is there a good IP management and port mapping tool out there that can do SNMP autodiscovery?

It's so frustrating that I can get my whole network architecture via SNMP but can't get a tool that does IPAM and switch mapping with it!

This is a great explanation of how magnetic core memory works and some detail on making an Arduino shield with a few bits of onboard core memory as a learning exercise

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Sound pretty decent for a speaker made out of a transparency sheet, Maker Tape, and put into a box. That silver thing below it is a magnet. Lesson plans to come shortly.

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