Hey @gitlab@twitter.com, what's the Gitlab Tenuki's name?

I'd be interested to know how @gitlab@twitter.com would have handled something like . I'm honestly somewhat shocked at how out of touch @github@twitter.com's response was.

Dear seal/inscription experts:

Any idea what this might say? I am under the impression that the S is often short for "seal" but I'm not sure.

Seems to say:

S ionis rome (c or g) verie.

Please loop in people who might have some insight.

I'd love to get some feedback from some folks who regularly use languages that include non-English characters (á, ð, ğ, etc);

Do you regularly use these types of characters in your passwords? Do any major websites have issues with these characters?


(Even if you don't have an answer, I'd truly appreciate it if you could boost this so that those who might can see it.)

I might have posted this before, but it's worth checking out if you haven't already. This was trained to play a game not based on any traditional rewards (like score, distance, levels completed) but with the goal of avoiding "boredom".

It attempts to predict what will happen next and is incentivized for finding inputs that subvert those predictions.


How nice of them to attach the key to a chain so that nobody can possibly get confused and put it in a more secure location.

Whoops, stayed up too late working on this Famicom/NES project. Hopefully it's worth it. I really hope this project will make it easier for people to get into programming for the Nintendo.

Ahoy's video essays are always fantastically researched and produced. Now there's one about the Amiga. Definitely worth a watch.


RT @IanColdwater@twitter.com: My dudes, if you can understand SYN-ACK, you can understand consent

Why do the shirts that I want always come exclusively in sizes for little children? :riverdale:

Lets take a moment to talk about the many faces of Activity Pub (this network) Show more

Can someone please contact the website admin for real life, I'm seeing some assets that aren't loading.

The demonstration of the oN-Line System has become known as "The Mother of All Demos". For 90 minutes in 1968, the world was shown the future.

From Wikipedia: "Prior to the demonstration, a significant portion of the computer science community thought Engelbart was 'a crackpot.' When he was finished, he was described as 'dealing lightning with both hands.'"

On December 9, 1968, Douglas Engelbart presented a live demo that undisputedly ranks amongst the most influential in the history of computing.

Amidst other features, he demoed for the first time the mouse, windows, word processing, hypertext, graphics, video calls, revision control and even real-time collaborative tools.

Staying up late to play a videogame upon release makes me feel a bit like I'm way back in high school.

A win for in Canada.

* Favour open source solutions
* Favour non-prorietary solutions
* Source for custom-built solutions must be released under open source licenses through Government of Canada sites

See C.2.3.8 for the relevant clauses:

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