#LibrePlanet 2019 -- the FSF's conference dedicated to #freesoftware software and the free software community -- will be taking place at the Stata Center at MIT. https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/libreplanet-2019-coming-to-cambridge-ma

Again, not quite related — more like — but this little guy is one of the most beautiful consoles in my collection and boasts one of the best libraries of games of the 8-bit era.

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@IanColdwater@twitter.com Probably one of the best breakdowns Ive seen of how windows low level functions and kernel api work is this tutorial. It provides a nice baseline for understanding how to interact with everything, and gives vocabulary to begin digging deeper. idafchev.github.io/exploit/201

Aside from collecting, I also have a couple of old mechanical machines like these.

They really don't build them like this anymore.


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The Winamp Skins Collection at the @internetarchive@twitter.com is now past 62,000 skins, with the vast majority containing screenshots, AND, if you go to the page for them, they'll boot up a javascript version of the Winamp player in your browser, using that skin. archive.org/details/winampskin

This was at Gateway Electronics yesterday. It's been there for at last a week. Not sure exactly what it is. I mean it's obviously some kind of computer branded "Prime", which just makes it kind of hard to get meaningful search results back on.

Does anyone recognize this?

Wikipedia has an article about a Fortran-centric line of computers called "Prime", which may or may not be related. Seems that those are mostly large minicomputers though... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Co


Any other keyboard hobbyists out there in the or beyond?

I've only ever built one keyboard but I'm looking at doing something really compact like a 40%.

Do you have any recommendations for chassis/cases that are very simple and clean in their styling?

Pulling out my VIC-20 for some fun. Anyone else have any experience with the C64's older brother?

It's 2019 and I'm playing on on a .

I guess 2019 is only 99.9% awful.

Reading an article about kryoflux when I remembered that I have a small collection of floppies. Mostly Commodore 64 stuff.

I really ought to get them off of floppies and into the @internetarchive. What is the safest way to do this?

... how important an interview may be to the livelihood of the interviewee, too.

You'll find more often than not, the interviewer is not cognizant of the myriad consonances of a hiring decision. Hiring should be approached as one of the most critical aspects of a company. 2/2

I've been thinking about hiring since
@HackerHuntress brought it up earlier.

Hiring is a really tough thing to do. A bad hire can have serious consequences for other employees and for the health of the company, so that's definitely something to weigh, but don't forget ... 1/2

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Jordan Peele is not the next Alfred Hitchcock or Steven Spielberg. He's the first Jordan Peele.

I'm now officially getting significantly better and more consistent FPS in in than I am in Windows on the my dual-boot machine.

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