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I want to say this again…

music is for everyone.
The scene is for everyone.

Any community or organization that makes people feel otherwise is absolutely a lose for chiptune, not a win.

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I would like to nominate myself for this list, please.

I don't want anything to do with an organization that would treat people like @[email protected] and @[email protected] the way they have let alone one that has a blacklist based on people who have wronged them!

is for everyone! twitter.com/aBitofchiptune/sta

VPNs aren't necessarily the best tools for privacy, but when you are in a place like HK they can be invaluable. You can often trust companies operating in a different jurisdiction to yours, particularly if their governments are adversarial towards yours.


A lot of people already know about Vim Adventures, but for those who don't…


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just because you use a loud keyboard doesn't mean your code is strongly typed

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Supply chain attacks are the worst vulnerability almost no one is patching.

Industry "best practices" on code review simply pretend third party code does not exist. It's nuts.

Stop blindly trusting strangers while reviewing the code of your peers.


With TrueNAS 12 finally supporting key-based access to their API, I'll be adding support for that to my check_freenas_api tool!

Maybe a change in the project name is also warranted given the merger of True and Free.


This is a meme format that I really hope takes off.

What DNSBL feeds do you folks recommend for privacy protection, anti-malware and adblocking?

Many of my old favourites are now defunct, so I'm looking for some new favourites!

Sometimes I wonder why so many leather companies got into early home videogame and computer hardware.

Aside from my GPD Pocket, I've only ever owned 17" laptops. My current laptop is starting to show its age and I'm looking to upgrade, but I'm wondering if I should move to a smaller form factor.

Will I miss the power of a larger machine? This still feels like a difficult choice. >___<

I feel bad for the writers of .

Once this show is over, how will they go back to a writer's room where they have responsibilities outside of just doing what is the most fun?

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