As part of my ongoing foray into turning a CPU into a "heater that does meaningful work" I wrote a little script for throttling a process — in my case, [email protected] — based on CPU temp.

Now I need to get a networked thermostat set up to drive it all.

Any Linux users with [email protected] experience? I'm wondering if there's a way to throttle [email protected] — or any process, really — based on CPU or GPU temperature.

I see that Windows users often recommend eFMer TThrottle, but sadly there's no Linux version.

If you have ever had to do file recovery or secure deletion on an SSD, you'll know that they are a totally different animal to the HDD.

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Boring desktop Tuesday! Don't blame for this boring theme, this is all me. ;p

Finally getting a chance to play after replaying the first two. Surprisingly it runs perfectly fine on through .

This is both a great little update _and_ a heartwarming little story!

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A surprise gift of a pull request from @[email protected]! NSFPlay's VRC7 / YM2413 emulation gets an update from its original author after 15 years!


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ToTok, the chat app that was recently exposed as a United Arab Emirates spy tool (and is now banned from Apple and Google app stores) is on a campaign to convince you its app is ok. This is the quid-pro-quo email I received seeking to pay me to promote it.

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A more in-depth look at the defacement.

Went through a short history of the site, fingerprinted plugin versions, and reviewed a probable attack vector.

I'm a relatively recent convert to but I've been really enjoying the latest versions. Improvements like this will make it even more fun to use.

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KDE roadmap for 2020: Accessing remote filesystems, root privileges for Dolphin, auto-rotation for mobile devices and much more.

This is the year.

Restore the future and make your destiny manifest.

Do what thou will shall be.

Another great thing about libraries: librarians!

Librarians are interfaces between you and anything you could ever possibly want to know, ever. "Sure," you might be thinking, "so's my smartphone," but if librarians could be replaced with Google, don't you think it would've happened already?

If you've got a passing fancy in something, by all means DuckDuckGo it. If you REALLY want to know about a thing, ask a librarian. They have special powers beyond just searching.

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Best addons for :
-Cookies Manager+
-User-Agent Switcher
-Tamper Data
-FoxyProxy Standard
-SQL Inject Me

Interested in hearing from those involved in on the impact that removing the 1 year exception period on federally-funded research.

From my naive, foss-loving position it sounds like it might actually be good in the long term.

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Guys, another @[email protected] masterpiece, UNDERWATER CHRISTMAS IN JAPAN!

This is a classic 80s Tokyo Funk / city pop type of deal... it was very very hard for my brain :(

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