* Anonymous&Decentralized; no more government intervention in your tracks!
* Theoretically infinite channels, samples and patterns (assuming an infinite and exponential global wattage draw)
* Secure Vibrato; encrypted for your security!

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Ruffle - an Adobe Flash Player written in Rust compiled to WebAssembly (it was going to happen eventually!)

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Fair warning, if you start studying information warfare you will
Need to learn a lot of sociology, anthropology, history, and psychology. It helps if you already know security.

This tweet brought to you by my Amazon wish list.

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Had coffee with a dev friend who was like "I'm not in infosec, but infosec Twitter is such a nice, positive, encouraging place! People share information with each other, post each other's job hunts, and it's just so great to see."


Let's all be as good as she thinks we are

Migrating to open-source technologies

"The Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt) started a year ago to mitigate anticipated software license fee increases. MAlt’s objective is to put us back in control using open software. It is now time to present more widely this project and to explain how it will shape our computing environment."

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Quick proof of concept.

Do you need an entire Bluetooth module just to wirelessly trigger 2 static payloads on a dinky ATTiny chip? Nope!

I took a DemonSeed build kit, added just 1 resistor & some patch wires. Now it has wireless control of as many payloads as you want!

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I avoid password re-use by getting a new pet and naming each one a random 32-character string. But my house is overrun with cats.

Making Pipes in Blender - Lazy Tutorials

For lazy people by lazy people- how to model pipes! Sci-fi pipes, or just regular pipes. Get UV Squares here: For UV u...

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Well here we go. Synapse 1.3.0 is here, upgrade to rejoice in a reduction of disk I/O and RAM usage!

Cell-Site Simulators (CSSs, a.k.a. Stingrays or IMSI-catchers) are increasingly being used by law enforcement for both dragnet and targeted surveillance, but how do they actually work?

Read the whitepaper by EFF Technology Fellow @yomnapple to learn

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Now, this looks more like a phone. Indeed, it looks like a (prototype). Few little bits still missing but its close.

LibreOffice 6.2.6 has been released – it includes over 40 bugfixes, including security fixes. All users of LibreOffice 6.1.x and LibreOffice 6.2.x versions should upgrade immediately:

Stumbled over the term “digital prepper.”

I’m more into digital death acceptance and bitrot/decay enthusiasm myself.

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Here is the final form factor of my leather working tool storage system. A very fun 8  hour project this weekend.

Cool thing I did today: made rust bindings for GtkSourceView 4

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@[email protected] You should see the puzzled looks on peoples faces when I tell them their fitness tracker (heart rate, calories, geolocation) is not within .

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