OSI doesn't teach anything other than "protocols have layers". It's 7 imaginary layers that could exist in some system somewhere, but you'll have to memorize the specifics so that in the future when you're working with real protocols you'll remember, "protocols have layers."


Yeah, and "OS Platform" == "Religion" a *lot* of the time.

@profoundlynerdy There are so many religious wars in computing that I lost track decades ago.


I'm tempted to make an #Amiga joke but (a) the platform fascinates me and (b) I'll doubtless get a bunch of hate-toots from the die hard fanboys.

@profoundlynerdy You know that old saying, "Amiga users make Apple users look like IBM users."

I'm a huge Amiga fan, but *gasp* I also own a couple Atari STs.

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