OSI doesn't teach anything other than "protocols have layers". It's 7 imaginary layers that could exist in some system somewhere, but you'll have to memorize the specifics so that in the future when you're working with real protocols you'll remember, "protocols have layers."


Yeah, and "OS Platform" == "Religion" a *lot* of the time.

@profoundlynerdy There are so many religious wars in computing that I lost track decades ago.


I'm tempted to make an #Amiga joke but (a) the platform fascinates me and (b) I'll doubtless get a bunch of hate-toots from the die hard fanboys.

@profoundlynerdy You know that old saying, "Amiga users make Apple users look like IBM users."

I'm a huge Amiga fan, but *gasp* I also own a couple Atari STs.

@profoundlynerdy @jeffalyanak diehard Amiga owner here.

You made the joke about "Politics" before I did.

You get to make as many amiga jokes as you want.

(And, well, I want a Falcon, because I've seen a souped up Falcon run the TBL Amiga demos and due to it's architecture, it is possible to do some of the effects faster (less RAM latency) so the result is... visible. And stunning.)

@Truck @jeffalyanak It was all in good fun. I have the Amigas + Toasters to thank for #Babylon5 and my favorite text editor, #Vim.

I've always wanted an Amiga. I've focused on preserving and upgrading my #C64, first. (I'm basically done, give or take an REU or CPU accelerator like the Turbo Chameleon. ) What do you think of FPGA solutions like the Apollo standalone board?

The Amiga is pretty easy to collect if you are in Europe (or willing to ship from Europe).

As for FPGA, I think that you should do whatever works for you. I perform music with a lot of my microcomputers, so I always replace mechanical storage with solid state alternatives.

That said, sometimes you just want to original experience.

@jeffalyanak @profoundlynerdy I found lots of Amiga hardware when I was in the states; but then, people just sort of knew to give it to me if they wanted it to have a good home. I... do need to get those Amiga 1000's shipped here... along with all my stuff really.

But yes, in general, it is easier to find C64 or Amiga things in Europe. Not impossible elsewhere, just slightly easier.

Yeah, most of mine actually come from Canada and the US, but it's always been easiest in Europe.

I still don't have an A600, though, and those are harder to find in Canada at a reasonable price.

I'll be in Europe sooner or later and I'll make an effort to grab one while I am living close to the supply. ;p

@jeffalyanak @profoundlynerdy Those have a nice form factor, but are a bit odd. Still, for music - in particular, if you do something like PT-1210MK1 with 2 of them live ... Ctrix does this with 2 a500's, and I've heard of people using 2 a600's due to the size

But of all the models, it's the one I don't have. Possibly due to the lack of ever seeing one, and it basically being a sort of stripped down A1200.

I do have a _broken_ one that was changed into a keyboard with a Keyrah card...

@Truck @profoundlynerdy
Yeah, I'm happy with my A500s for live shows, but the A600 just looks really awesome.

@profoundlynerdy @jeffalyanak I actually have to resend Gideon money for the Ultimate 64 board today, for some reason the payment didn't go through... and then it will be on it's way here. Which is a good thing, as my 128 has severe key problems (which will get solved soon.)

My ACA500+ is also on the way, which I ordered because of the hardware debugging (level7, etc) possibility - as my code is not always... sometimes I make big errors and those help find out why (:

@profoundlynerdy @jeffalyanak probably will NOT order any more fpga type things because I have stacks of equipment that I need to get rid of first (old G3 macs that, well, I just can't use any longer and take up a lot of space that I could put a smaller unit in.)

After that, I'll review what the thing I want to do most is - and decide then (:

I agree with Jeff about deciding what works for you, and then make a move.

(Though the FPGA things are great for tinkerers; not so much for others (: )

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