Finally giving a try. I've set up my own homeserver to act as a companion to and I'm starting to check out some of the available client apps.

Anyone out in the or beyond have any recommendations on clients or tips, tricks, pitfalls to pass along?

@jeffalyanak This is something I've been considering, so if you don't mind I'm just going to stick my name in here so I can see some of the replies 😀

@jeffalyanak Turn off logging. Matrix chatter gets stored on the server by default.

And please post your web server configs, because it's a huge pain in the ass to get web client proxying right.

What log level or other logging settings do you recommend?

As for client proxy settings, who would I be posting these for?

Do you happen to have a link to an example of how you'd configure the log.yaml?

@jeffalyanak I think I still have it saved on Leandra. I'll check when I get home.

@jeffalyanak I uncompressed the archived backup I made when I shut my server down, and there's no sign of that. When we found out what was in the homeserver.db database, everybody suddenly bailed from the server, I DBAN'd the drives, and we went back to Signal.

You'd have to turn off server-to-server synch and then regularly purge your server history. I found this:

History of Matrix rooms (#channels) can also be turned off:

This is a lot of jiggery pokery to only be _kind of_ sure that logging isn't happening. Even the devs recommend using end-to-end encryption instead.

What was it that you found it was logging in that db?

@jeffalyanak All of our chats since people started logging into the server.

@jeffalyanak Just everything you said or were told being stored in the database. Which that "purge database" script can probably take care of.

@jeffalyanak Disable logging of conversations on the server (it's on by default).

And... Because it's just a pain, and a working reference set of configs would help people.

My configuration is rather exotic, so I'm not sure how useful it would be to other administrators looking to set up a Matrix server, but I found that the official documentation was maybe lacking.

Maybe I ought to make a pull request with some documentation additions, though.

@jeffalyanak The official docs are pants, or at least they were when I ran my Matrix node.

I think they assume that you have an understanding of reverse proxies.

I found it pretty straightforward but I think it's wrong to assume that people already know how to correctly configure a remote proxy, especially since there is a wider audience of users interested in the technology who don't have a background in web services.

@jeffalyanak That might be it. I definitely am not an expert at setting up reverse proxies.

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