Any recommendations for my friend who wants to learn C programming online?

@johanv is your friend who wants to learn C new to programming or just new to C?

If the former, I recommend the Harvard CS50 course (free online) the first half of it is all in C and does a really good job of laying out basic CS principles while also introducing C.

If they are just new to C, I think it's tough to do better than K&R, even after all these years


I wouldn't recommend K&R to someone who doesn't already have a background in programming.

If the person likes a text-based option, I'd recommend Beej's guide. It's written in an amusing, sort of silly way which keeps it from being too dry but also manages to deal with topics in a very reasonable manner and in a very good order for new coders.

@jeffalyanak yeah, agreed. I was recommending K&R if they do have a background in coding and just want to learn C

@codesections @jeffalyanak but there again, if they hadn't done much programming before, I wouldn't recommend C as one of the first languages to learn.

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