NewPipe is a really great app, we should use it more as an example of why FOSS puts users first and proprietary software doesn't

I really wish I could switch over completely but it still doesn't have a chronological feed.

@jeffalyanak this is a really bad reason to not use NewPipe

As it is, with NewPipe I'd have to open and check every one of my subscriptions one at a time for new videos with no indication as to which might have new videos, which is a really *good* reason not to use NewPipe.


Sir, could you give me a good reason to switch away from my current solution (which actually solves my problem) to NewPipe (which doesn't)?

You say that the software not working for my use-case is not a good enough reason to not use it? Why would I arbitrarily switch to it and make my experience a lot harder? What benefits would I hope to expect?

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