Looking for an alternative to Google Keep? I just set up a self-hosted server for and I find the cross platform client apps to be a great replacement.

@jeffalyanak That's the third time I've heard it referenced. And it looks good!

Yeah, it's worth checking out, even if you just use local storage (no sync) or their reference server.


I just threw some money at them and use their servers. It’s encrypted on the client side so my notes are (probably) safe even if they get h4xx0r3d.

@jeffalyanak My reaction: "what the heck is google keep?"

I've been happy with the notes within nextcloud; but then I rarely put notes on the net - when I do, I tend to need to share them with others (simple documentation, shared todo lists, etc.)

I guess I'm so disconnected from Google services I don't even know, or look, at what they're putting out now.

Well, Keep is from 2013 or so, so I used it back the before I moved off of Google.

At the time there were far fewer players involved in cross-platform, cloud-based notes.

@jeffalyanak 2013. So that would be 6 years + that I have been google free; despite people insisting I had to, despite people saying that it was useless and I should just give in; and despite having to do cartwheels to avoid mixing the work insistance that we use it (2 ex-jobs used it instead of mail/office...) and my home NOT using it...

That seems like many years more than I think I've been google free but... I also still have difficulty not thinking 2000 was recent, so...

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