Okay, here's another challenge. This one might be a bit tough, but don't cheat by reading the label. ;p

@debugninja @jeffalyanak Input port is too wide for Gameboy to SNES .. but it's something to SNES...unless it's like..the entire gameboy and not just the cartridge.

@djsumdog @debugninja @jeffalyanak Ok, I'm guessing HU-Card player, or some form of PC-Engine to SNES converter.

I shall now go see if I'm right and if so see where I can find one (:

@djsumdog @debugninja @jeffalyanak I was wrong. And what I did find out is that this cart is awesome. (and I managed to find it based on the colors and shapes, as I don't read Japanese.)

@djsumdog @debugninja
I do have the hardware that it works with but, for obvious reasons, I can't really use it for much. ;p

@jeffalyanak I can't read Japanese, but I do believe that's related to the Super Famicom(?)

@jeffalyanak It's an adapter you can play Gameboy games in your SNES with - if that was the question.

I do have both versions of the Super Game Boy, but this isn't one of those.

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