Linux gaming really has come unbelievably far in the last few years. I'm honestly shocked with the progress.

"Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid - Noob's Guide to Linux Gaming"

@jeffalyanak being honest or ironic?
Reason I say this is because ignoring Wine isn't supporting libre organizations: Proton is a direct competitor to native development.
We really need to be promoting libre games, not proprietary sugar hacks. [I know proton is BSD, but it doesn't solve the real problem of “gaming” on a libre distro]

Supporting wine and supporting libre games are two totally different things.

While I agree in a perfect world we'd have no need for proton I just don't see any reasonable way that big development studios are going to go full libre in the near future.

@ffs @jlelz
With most proprietary software you can easily just find a libre/foss alternative and use that.

On the other hand, if I want to play Fortnite (is that still a game people play?) it's no good to just find a libre or foss alternative.

I'll support libre games as much as I can, but games are more like art and music in that there is additional value that can be replicated.

@jeffalyanak @ffs im on an imac but i still think it's a cool idea if it were to pan out. i feel bad for all those other unix users not on a hybrid

@jlelz I'm a BSDgarl, life is suffering. But comprehend @jeffalyanak position, as Sony was sure to --steal--use our code whenever possible.
Right now Proton through Valve is quite literally a wedge fund:
It's real goal is profit and not really compatibility.
I'm personally all for cross compatibility, but what Valve is doing is not supporting compatibility, but tapping into market.
I'm sadly in the ring 0 gaming camp: make a live distro just for your game and run. I don't see hope from Flakpack, docker, snap, etc., they only placebo the problem.

@ffs @jeffalyanak if and when i'm on linux, it's for cloud dev. i try and stick with other platforms for gaming

@jlelz me three.
I'm just stating the causes and effects.
I have 7 computers for all my little things. The rest are in my DC.

I also wouldn't call proton a direct competitor to wine since it's an open source fork of wine and much of its more generic optimizations have been merged upstream.

The license is not totally libre, though, but as it currently stands has very few conditions.

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