is actually really neat and has a lot of great add-ons (VIM bindings!) but I don't trust ... enter VSCodium.

Same great software, same great plugins, much better underlying mandate!

@jeffalyanak Awesome!! Thank you for posting this!

I've been using VS Code since my instructor for a course I recently took asked the class to do so, and actually like it so much that I kept using it after the course was over, but I was always uneasy about that binary Microsoft license (I turned off all the telemetry that the settings would allow).

Now I can feel a lot more comfortable about my code editor. 😄

@jeffalyanak Ok - so 2 things:

1. Still based on Electron. ):
2. Is simply the source code, compiled. That comment from the microsoft maintainer indicates that the original code can be compiled by anyone to not have the tracking. That's good, though a proper audit should be done.
(along with removal of the Electron parts.)

This is, however, excellent news. It is a good editor, it just needs... to be made better.

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