We really need a physical "red line of doom". It could even be a literal red line that moves up to the top of the screen when the address bar moves. Or maybe just don't compromise people's security just to save a bit of screen real estate. Or maybe destroy the web and its shitty security models that rely on the user visually verifying the identity of the site they're on.

@freakazoid @jeffalyanak
More then ever, we need to always have a look to the url wich is "hidden" by the textual part of a HTML link ! Using a smartphone, it's not as easy than with a desktop or a laptop....

@jeffalyanak interestingly this doesn't work well on Firefox for Android. It only gets the desired state if you start you page scroll off with a strong scroll down. And any significant scroll up will show the real browser bar again and then it just stays. Not perfect, but much more resistive to this method I'd say.

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