If this was real, I would sell as many organs as I needed to in order to afford it. ;p

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Handheld C64 - Commodore HX-64 : A 3D Rendering by Cem Tezcan of a handheld Commodore 64 that uses "mini cassettes" to load programs or games

@jeffalyanak We could forgo the mini casettes to use SD cards, so long as it used Gideon's Ultimate 1541/Ultimate 64 firmware... that would even include drive sounds... and still provide 1541 ability with those back ports. (Yes, my U1541 came with the cassette adapter...)

Of course, it could still plug in an ultimate 1541 via the cartridge port...

My only issue with it is the size of the screen as my eyes are crap now... well, ok, not the biggest fan of that keyboard either, especially since the cassette would get pressure from my right hand while using it.

Like the idea, I think it is entirely possible this could be built (especially given Gideon's Ultimate64 board) BUT would adjust the design a bit for a larger screen, different location of a full cassette interface (because then you could use ORIGINAL tapes, like the ones I have (: ) larger screen and some alternate keyboard.
(Maybe 128 D keyboard compatability? (: )

@Truck I have plenty of original cassettes but I'd much prefer to not have to use them, lol. On my two main C64s I've actually got the audio input tied to ground (the C64 leaves it floating and it's a major cause of background noise).

Frankly I'd be happy with an SD card interface in place of cassettes. You could always plug in an original cassette interface if you really wanted to.

@jeffalyanak I would be as well. I left it in as it was something that was in the original design, but -
It would seriously change the likelyhood of the unit being made - and limit the lifespan (due to the moving parts.)

It has the datasette interface port, so that would be good enough. (I ... will check my Ultimate 64 board and be sure it still has one, I'm sure it does.) It does (:

Then the next thing is "Hey Gideon, do you think we could get the Ultimate64 board in this shape" (:

(With both sid sockets, obviously.)

I don't think it makes sense to MANUFACTURE them (tho I may be wrong, if we had enough orders, and there MIGHT be enough people to warrant that) but maybe it could be ... I dunno, someone in China would likely do it (:

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