I'd really be interested to see more of this type of anti-surveillance design. Anyone in the or have any examples?

"How designers are fighting the rise of facial recognition technology

From LED-equipped visors to transparent masks, these inventions aim to thwart facial recognition cameras."

@jeffalyanak I experimented with this but now that we have gain recognition I’m not sure how far you’d have to go to avoid it.

@requiem It seems like a lot of rather simple techniques have been working in HK.

@requiem Really, you need to find a technique that confuses an algorithm or neural network but not a human. So far that seems doable in a variety of cases.

@jeffalyanak that’s true, but I mention gait recognition because it was a response to facial recognition resistance. We can fool gait too, but then there will be some other unexpected identification technique, etc.

Not saying we shouldn’t do these things, but I got frustrated because it seems like an unwinable escalation (or rather, the winner is whoever has the most resources). So I’m looking for other vectors toward countersurveillance.

@jeffalyanak anything one is against, one creates. No way around that...


i still wonder how much trouble you'd be in for wearing a mask that looks exactly like your real face, but is still obviously a mask.

i don't imagine the police would appreciate the nuances.

@jeffalyanak that see through mask would be awesome to 3d print.

@jeffalyanak Wear a keffiyeh, pull it up above your nose, add some goggles of choice for extra tear gas protection.

@jeffalyanak Or, you know, other scarf of choice. Having a cap, helmet or hood helps too.

@pettter Those can definitely be effective, but that's not really intentional anti-surveillance design.

@jeffalyanak I would include Korean makeup artist Dain Yoon, it's unfortunate she gets clubbed under illusion art

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