Trying to figure out the best way to make look and act like .


@jeffalyanak Latte Dock and the Global Menu widget will get you a long way.

@jeffalyanak why do you need for it to look like macOS though :P

I always find it unproductive to replicate another operating system's setup just for the sake of it.

@yuki_is_bored Because my mother is very familiar with macOS and had never used a different environment.

Also, what's the point of an environment that you can customize if you don't you don't conform it to your needs?

Your DE should work for you, not the other way around.

@yuki_is_bored I don't really see how it would harm productivity. Your hotkeys would work the way you expected, your menu bar and window icons would be in the place you expected, how would that make you unproductive?

@jeffalyanak it always feel like forcing yourself to conform to an established standard when you could've just try multiple things, mix and match and find what works.

@yuki_is_bored Why find what works if you already have something that works for you?

Not all users need to squeeze every drop of efficiency out of their workflow. For many people it's not an effective use of their time.

@jeffalyanak It doesn't have be perfect of 100% straight away.

It's a small project that you gradually develop slowly.

You will eventually find new things and then try it out.

And then at some point, you know what you want and what works for you. "What" in this case is not something like KDE, GNOME or anything like that but rather "features" like multiple desktops toggled with keyboard shortcuts, floating window manager, etc.

@jeffalyanak I don't see anything wrong with using that just works.

It's just the fact of replicating something "that just works" on another thing feels like reinventing just for the sake of reinventing when the same amount of time could be used to find what works for you.

@yuki_is_bored I don't see how that's an effective use of time for users like my mother.

The amount of time it would take for her to research, implement and adjust to those changes would not be worth the effort for her.

@yuki_is_bored It's certainly not equivalent to reinventing the wheel, it's really the opposite.

It took me 5 minutes to set up her computer such that she doesn't have to struggle for months to relearn the basics.

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