The @PINE64 PinePower devices are pretty great. The desktop unit is especially awesome given that it shows the individual power draw of each port on the LCD display!

@jeffalyanak @PINE64 for maximum ram is the Quartz64 the best option? Feels like my Firefox fills up 8GB of ram pretty fast :-/

@pj @PINE64 The Quartz64 definitely some nice specs, but I think it also tops out at 8GB of RAM.

@jeffalyanak @PINE64 PinePower is overall very good, but I'll note that the "is it charging?" is very clearly a guess based on the numbers.

Which isn't a *bad* thing (I doubt any devices support a USB protocol for 'is it charging? How charged is it?', and even if some did *most don't*), and it's still useful.

Kinda wish it also functioned as a USB hub bridging all of the devices together, though...

Personally, I'd give it a six or seven out of ten, which is easily higher than any alternative.

@pixelherodev @PINE64 The charge indicator is based on current draw.

There's no way to know what the device on the other end is doing with that current, but the charger is able to display what the voltage and current draw are at any given time on any given port.

As for making it into a USB hub, I'm very glad they didn't. For a benchtop power supply, I definitely wouldn't want my soldering iron, computer, and other random, experimental devices to be sharing a hub.

@jeffalyanak @PINE64 I know it's based on current draw, that was my entier point :P

I think a switch to enable it as a hub would be useful, but I definitely agree I wouldn't want that by default lol.

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