@jeffalyanak it looks like its only £80 for the licence to legitimately set up a small scale one (in somewhere like a hackspace) - TBH I'd be inclined to do it "the proper way" as you've got to consider what happens if someone falls off their bike in the street outside or other incident occurs and bystanders have to dial 999, if they have somehow roamed onto your network you may be ethically (and probably legally) obliged to ensure that nines call is routed correctly to where it should go...

@vfrmedia I mean, fair enough about the low cost, but I also wouldn't want to set up a network with roaming at all. I don't want to get into the game of routing strangers calls for a whole slew of reasons.

@jeffalyanak I had a closer look at the Ofcom guidance (its very new, from 2019) and they also suggest that you only set up a private network (eg assigning the mobile phones to extensions on your VOIP PABX), although you /can/ route calls to and from the main PSTN they then expect you to work with (or become) a fully fledged communications provider with all the legal obligations that entails..

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