Homelab folks, what interesting and exciting things are you currently running?

I recently migrated fro Bitwarden to Vaultwarden and I couldn't be happier. Now I'm energized to do something new.

@jeffalyanak I am trying to get better at networking via my raspberry Pi cluster. Have already done some tests around Hashicorp Nomad and Console

@jeffalyanak ooh I gotta hear about this! Not heard of vaultwarden before

@demus Vaultwarden is a re-implimentation of the bitwarden api. It still includes a web GUI and supports all of the same client apps and plug-ins.

You lose a couple features like SSO, but for me I do all of my auth via my own LDAP, so that's okay.

@demus And no licensing hacks needed, all features are fully free.

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