The only downside to the PineTime being so affordable is that it's sort of hard to swallow all the watch bands I like being the same price as the watch itself!


@thegibson @PINE64

The dev version that I bought ages ago has been a bit of a journey to work with, but once I got it working it's been surprisingly usable and performant.

The non-devkit versions are come pre-sealed and preflashed with the bootloader, so all the hard stuff is already done.

@thegibson @PINE64 In terms of functionality once you get the bootloader set up (or if you buy the non-dev version):

* it paired immediately and painlessly with my Android phone and firmware updates were trivial (using GadgetBridge)
* Menus are well designed and basic interface of my current OS of choice (InifiniTime) is essentially ready for primetime.
* Notifications, music control, navigation all work well.

Long story short, it's actually usable as a daily driver.

@thegibson @PINE64 And if you buy the devkit, _you'll_ have to figure out how to seal it. :p

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