Definitely cool to see that Paris has embraced personal electric vehicles. Not only do the hip young kids on their scooters and e-bikes not harm the vibe of the city, they feel like they fit in perfectly.

@jeffalyanak Sadly, it’s likely due to neoliberal cunts like Macron who are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Ditto with them and Uber, etc. What I wouldn’t give for folks to do the right thing for the right reasons sometime. Anytime. Like once, even.


Unfortunately, almost all of the green energy revolution is being done now only because of the newfound capitalist profitability.

I'm definitely not happy that it's only happening because corporations see how profitable it'll be, but I think the climate crisis is a bigger issue than even capitalism, so I have to hope for the success of green technology in all forms.

Hopefully in the long-term, the industry will see more people doing it just for the greater good.

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