What are the cyberpunk technologies of today?

Things that take technologies and leverage them _against_ broken and corrupt systems?

So many of the _capabilities_ we read about in early cyberpunk media are now a reality, but so much of it is controlled by the exact megalithic organizations that very media was warning us about.

Maybe it's not flashy, but I still feel that in general still gives me proper cyberpunk vibes.

I wish it was more accessible, but the fact that I can run or on nearly any scrapyard hardware and install FOSS software for nearly any usecase—if you know how to do it and where to look—definitely feels cyberpunk.


I would say encrypted communications especially decentralized tools, qualify as punk in general, and cyberpunk in particular.

The ability to have a private conversation without a corporation's involvement (and implied consent) is critical...regardless of whether or not you're discussing things those big scary companies don't like.

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