Dear seal/inscription experts:

Any idea what this might say? I am under the impression that the S is often short for "seal" but I'm not sure.

Seems to say:

S ionis rome (c or g) verie.

Please loop in people who might have some insight.

How nice of them to attach the key to a chain so that nobody can possibly get confused and put it in a more secure location.

Why do the shirts that I want always come exclusively in sizes for little children? :riverdale:

Can someone please contact the website admin for real life, I'm seeing some assets that aren't loading.

RT I LIED. I am back again. Why? I accidentally left off the most important map of all: the one that illustrates the linguistic diversity before colonizers arrived.

Taken from

RT When you find an externally facing RCE vuln but don’t have the scope to exploit it.

RT What programs did Toronto Public Library offer 150 years ago? "The Luminous Appearances of the Sea" was one, here are the others:

RT Trying to track down my copy of The Elements of Computing Systems. I'm pretty sure I lent it out to someone who was interested and never got it back.


It's a fantastic book and definitely worth picking up if you want to have a more thorough understanding of computers.

RT East German secret police guide for identifying youth subcultures. Circa 1985.

This is the worst thing I've seen in who knows how long

Most of this is totally useless as a player but I still find these things extremely interesting.

The Bugged State of CS:GO's Sounds -

When people ask me if programming is hard I usually reply, "not much of it."

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