I'm not sure if it's any good, but I picked this up today and I'm excited to read it.

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Tired: Junior hockey players named Brayden/Jayden/Kayden


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I have a hunch that the blower fan duct taped to a beam in an elevator overhead is not on the original job print.

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life hack: in order not to cry when you cut onion, do not get attached to it.

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Any one out there in Twitter land come across one of these ?, no info at all, got it running after re-seating all boards.

Some awesome jams going down at in

If you're interested in live , you ought to swing by Birky's Bar at 1592 Queen West.

This place totally recharges my batteries. I really need to get back.

Sometimes you just have to reverse engineer some shitty, undocumented junk.

Tfw you finally will yourself to refactor that old subroutine and you realize how janky it is.

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rest assured, the elevators @shmoocon@twitter.com were kept well-hydrated throughout the duration of the conference.

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So I just got Rick Rolled in 2019, by a French man who sent me an unlabelled CD+G disk, on a 1993 Pioneer Laser Active, which I first had to replace over 100 capacitors on to get working.
This might be the most savage trolling I've ever experienced.
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Wow, while I'd still rather see an ad-free internet, it's heartening to see that there is a more reasonable way to deliver ads.

Hopefully this can help shift the prevailing winds and move us towards a more humane paradigm for monetization.


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