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Alchemy looks a lot like science: an alchemist observes a phenomenon, hypothesises a causal relationship, and designs and performs an experiment to test the hypothesis.

The difference is in what happens next.


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Ever wanted to know everything about the whole Internet*?
Get this book and other retro tech books, software, and hardware from our eBay shop: ebay.co.uk/sch/gamebytes4chari All proceeds support the museum!
*contents may not be up-to-date.

My new vdev has arrived! Now I just need the sleds to get here …

Remember when phones had removable batteries?

The @PINE64 is super neat, very excited to play with it more.

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Face Depixelizer

Given a low-resolution input image, model generates high-resolution images that are perceptually realistic and downscale correctly.

😺GitHub: github.com/tg-bomze/Face-Depix
📙Colab: colab.research.google.com/gith

P.S. Colab is based on the

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People are asking me what I did with my anger. I used it to build. I went to @[email protected] surveyed Teachers of the Year to find what books they use to teach equity. 300 books, by grade level, vetted by the best.

Powerful stuff.


I really hope to see rich and varied accessibility features like this in more games! What a fantastic way to make games work for everyone!


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1/ Interesting technique used by sample for distribution of malicious JAR(zip) appended to MSI
So when the OS sees jar ext it executes jre to handle the file, but unique about zip files are read from bottom to top so jar is executed instead of msi file, details below twitter.com/baberpervez2/statu

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And building -current Metasploit Framework on the PostmarketOS makes it a really nice hacking device, I need to build more tools ... :)

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@[email protected] I already posted that one a few months ago, but it goes again, my Oric Atmos system, with Microdisc, MCP-40 4 colors printer/plotter, and color marching Brionvega Algol screen and Akai speakers :)

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Alright vintage computer people, what’s the current pride of your collection/hoard?

Currently mine is my Atari ST setup because, well, look at it!

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Sound not enough? This mouse uses an Arduino and six solenoids to add a realistic recoil when playing FPS games: bit.ly/3bv8CHy

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Weaving herringbone fabric fir designer Wave Weir’s tunic dresses while weary one of her tunic dresses in another colour way. @[email protected]

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Interesting thing about @[email protected] 28. If you look at the ASCII table, you’ll notice that there is no octal value for 28 because 28 in octal doesn’t exist; it goes right from 027 to 030. 030 is the CAN character. For “canceled”.

Coincidence? I think not.

For those of you who are interested in & setups, what is your approach to monitoring and alerting?

I've always really loved but I'm wondering what other people are using.

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