Do you ever see something that you absolutely don't need but you still wish you had?

News article headline may be disturbing to some 

A related issue here, this site clearly pulls images in based on the headline or content of the article, but here it's accidentally seen 'second doctor' and pulled in an image of Troughton, the second actor to play Doctor Who.

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Website which plagiarizes other articles by automatically replacing words with synonyms really gives itself away when stealing this Doctor Who news.

Sad to see these two go, but I'm very glad that I could donate them to a local hackerspace where I'm sure they'll be used for all sorts of neat things.

The new terminal watchface in the latest Infinitime firmware is a nerdy but neat.

I really have to give it to Jony Ive, the original iPhone design still looks really nice. It doesn't look like a 15 year old design.

It's hard to say that about most of the other phones on this list:

I'm a big infrastructure nerd and I always love peeking inside of stuff like this.

There's always an interesting balance between custom components and commodity parts.

As I dive into my weekend project, I have to ask, what DIY projects are you working on?

I've got the firmware for my MIDI control box working, so now I'm moving on to prototype a digital audio mixer! I'll be testing out different input circuits for the built-in ADCs and some I2C ADCs to select the best one for this project.

I've already got a prototype firmware for outputting the resulting audio to my laptop for analysis, so it's all fun and games from here!

Some people say I'm a bit weird—which is absolutely true—but I'm just like anyone else, I spend my Tuesday nights applying conformal coating to my PCBs.

I just finished work and immediately got an alert from my personal monitoring system as a service went "critical"!

Luckily it's just some high ping across the ocean that doesn't really matter, so I've put in a timed acknowledgement and I'm ignoring it for the night.

Okay, it's not something that I'd let pass code review if someone submitted it to me, but since I needed it in a hurry I made it work!

The MVP is now totally ready to rock, so this weekend I'll be able to put it through its paces.

I will clean up the code and release it on my Github sooner or later, but this is something I actually needed to get going with a musical project I'm working on.

What hobby projects are you all working on?

I spent the evening writing firmware and it's really nice working on a hobby project in C again after doing so much of my systems programming in Rust for a couple of years now.

It was great to make some real progress on a side project, hopefully I'll be able to get the core functionality done by the weekend so I can actually play with it.

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