Those who are arguing to keep it open are just playing devil's advocate.

Spotted over Labrador, crazy that you can you spot manmade infrastructure in the middle of nowhere from way up at 31 thousand feet.

I've done some research and I'm pretty sure I know what this is, but I'd love to hear guesses to see what everyone else thinks?

My easy-to-type password generator now supports special characters!

Check out if you need a password!

If you think my UI/UX is bad (you're not wrong) then go grab the source at and make your own easy-to-type password site!

This is not exactly what I expected when I was looking for a CPU holder.

The only downside to the PineTime being so affordable is that it's sort of hard to swallow all the watch bands I like being the same price as the watch itself!


Not sure how I missed this the other day, but it was the 30-year anniversary of this rather important post.

With the weekend officially started, I'm sitting back on my couch getting some more work done on some schematics that I'll be releasing soon for the offerings! Stay tuned!

Should I buy this octal watch?

(mislabeled as hexadecimal, but we all know better)

After taking my brother's advice and calibrating my soil moisture sensor to baked soil, I've found that it's working much more accurately than before.

If you have a similar setup and did your calibration with "dry air", I'd recommend making this adjustment.

Spotted in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Any idea what this is? It was sitting out in public with no supervision.

This thing actually makes for a really neat, budget video camera platform.

It works perfectly for lenses made for old 16mm film cameras, so you can pick up a very wide variety of characterful lenses for unbearably good prices.

The results from this thing absolutely punch well above its weight, I'm really excited to see what else I can do with it as I augment the kit just a bit.

Anyone have any recommendations for an inexpensive but simple water-level sensor?

I want my watering system to warn me when the tank is low and not to run the pump if it's below a certain level.

The @PINE64 PinePower devices are pretty great. The desktop unit is especially awesome given that it shows the individual power draw of each port on the LCD display!

Finally found a place in Oxford that carries Club-Mate!

For any local hackers or makers who are addicted to this strange drink, Big Scary Monster Social Club in Cowley is the place to go!

Maintaining open source software is fun.

I really do appreciate people who improve documentation, but I've been seeing an increase in these types of spam commits.

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