This is not exactly what I expected when I was looking for a CPU holder.

Last month the Netherlands passed #RouterFreedom into law: all ISPs must let customers choose their own Internet hardware and still provide tech support at no extra cost. That little box is your home-internet gatekeeper, and now in NL it can work for you

Aren't you tired from writing your Rust programs in English? Would you like to try something different, exotic and funny? Do you like saying "merde" a lot?

Here's my contribution to solve this problem: Rouille, a French Rust programming language.

Wow, LockPickingLawyer has moved on from defeating locks to defeating keys.

This is super neat, though. Shows how a super simple modification to a standard tool can adapt it perfectly to something else.

@thegibson @PINE64 And if you buy the devkit, _you'll_ have to figure out how to seal it. :p

@thegibson @PINE64 In terms of functionality once you get the bootloader set up (or if you buy the non-dev version):

* it paired immediately and painlessly with my Android phone and firmware updates were trivial (using GadgetBridge)
* Menus are well designed and basic interface of my current OS of choice (InifiniTime) is essentially ready for primetime.
* Notifications, music control, navigation all work well.

Long story short, it's actually usable as a daily driver.

@thegibson @PINE64

The dev version that I bought ages ago has been a bit of a journey to work with, but once I got it working it's been surprisingly usable and performant.

The non-devkit versions are come pre-sealed and preflashed with the bootloader, so all the hard stuff is already done.

The only downside to the PineTime being so affordable is that it's sort of hard to swallow all the watch bands I like being the same price as the watch itself!


Not sure how I missed this the other day, but it was the 30-year anniversary of this rather important post.

Homelab folks, what interesting and exciting things are you currently running?

I recently migrated fro Bitwarden to Vaultwarden and I couldn't be happier. Now I'm energized to do something new.

With the weekend officially started, I'm sitting back on my couch getting some more work done on some schematics that I'll be releasing soon for the offerings! Stay tuned!

Obviously, this iteration is from Quake, but the implementation has been traced back quite a bit further.

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I remember the first time I saw the fast inverse square root. It took me some years before I was strong enough in C (and calc) to truly understand it, but it's a somewhat legendary piece of computer history and this fantastic video is probably the most effective explainer that I've seen of it.

@trinsec There's nothing wrong about the leading zeros, at least maths wise, but it certainly looks "strange" since most decimal watches don't use "001, 002, etc".

I really like it for an octal watch, though, because my most common use of octal is in *nix permission strings which are in sets of 3.

@trinsec Base-12 would need to use additional characters like A and B to represent the additional digits.

So it would probably go like this on a watch:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, 10

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@trinsec I don't think it's base 12. On the watch in the photo the number after 07 is 10. With the 1 representing the 8s.

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Should I buy this octal watch?

(mislabeled as hexadecimal, but we all know better)

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