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These Buddhist nuns:
- Teach young girls self-defense
- Reached victims of the Nepal 2015 earthquake when others couldn't
- Are solar panel technicians to promote green energy

And it all started with kung fu

Now that I'm living in in the (home of Gasman) and having picked up a ZX Spectrum +2, I'm hoping to be able to actually release some new music soon and I'll definitely be mixing in some speccy tunes.

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2 new CVEs for Istio with 9.0 CVSS scores:


Heap overflow and improper input validation in Envoy


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Tried the GDPR data export from Spotify. By default, you get like 6 JSON files with almost nothing. After many emails and complaining and a month of waiting, I got a 250MB archive with basically EVERY INTERACTION I ever did with any Spotify client, all my searches. Everything.

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Atlassian scrambles to fix zero-day security hole accidentally disclosed on Twitter reg.cx/2Xky

@Truck Yeah! I have a whole bunch of his ZX music on my regular playlist!

We promised to publish the hardware schematics when the #Librem5 shipped and we delivered: Hardware Schematics and X-ray Scans for Librem 5 Birch puri.sm/posts/a-different-kind #OpenHardware #Linux

occam's after-shave balm

occam's beard oil

@pettter Those can definitely be effective, but that's not really intentional anti-surveillance design.

@requiem Really, you need to find a technique that confuses an algorithm or neural network but not a human. So far that seems doable in a variety of cases.

@requiem It seems like a lot of rather simple techniques have been working in HK.

I'd really be interested to see more of this type of anti-surveillance design. Anyone in the or have any examples?

"How designers are fighting the rise of facial recognition technology

From LED-equipped visors to transparent masks, these inventions aim to thwart facial recognition cameras."


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Former Ontario privacy commissioner @[email protected] says “it’s atrocious” that commissioners can’t do more to enforce Canada’s privacy laws — by issuing fines against AggregateIQ or Facebook, for example. buff.ly/33AdM1h

I've always felt that ASD's Lifeforce has more than it's fair share of criticism. As much as I love the classic "effect reel" demos, it really is a beautiful demo from beginning to end.


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The State Police did this in secret. The only reason this article exists is that we at @[email protected] did public records requests to departments seeking info about their robotics programs. We probably never would have known. Seems fine tho. twitter.com/allyjarmanning/sta

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