@davidak It's a modified GoPro that takes interchangeable lenses.

I've got a handful of vintage lenses for it which gives a super weird, old-fashioned look to the footage.

I've added actual search functionality to my Ask Jeeves parody site:


The 18650 Battery Pack Builder tool over on Cell Saviors is super cool.


Just plug in a CSV with all your cell capacity values and the number of cells in parallel and series and it'll help you build a balanced pack!

Maybe it's not flashy, but I still feel that in general still gives me proper cyberpunk vibes.

I wish it was more accessible, but the fact that I can run or on nearly any scrapyard hardware and install FOSS software for nearly any usecase—if you know how to do it and where to look—definitely feels cyberpunk.

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What are the cyberpunk technologies of today?

Things that take technologies and leverage them _against_ broken and corrupt systems?

So many of the _capabilities_ we read about in early cyberpunk media are now a reality, but so much of it is controlled by the exact megalithic organizations that very media was warning us about.

#Gadgetbridge 0.69.0 is on #fdroid 🎉 . Many thanks to our tireless contributors for their continuous involvement and work ❤️!

This release is bringing initial support for Mi Band 7, for devices that use Binary Sensor Service and for Fossil/Skagen Hybrid HR 38mm watches ⌚ .

If you are interested to know your step 👣 goal 🏅 achievements, the new Steps Streak screen gives you a chance to see it and boast about it 🏆 on :mastodon: .

There is more... read the blog post blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

@craigmaloney I love _any_ form of hidden bonus content. For my music project I had different types of hidden content on nearly all of my physical releases.

If you've ever felt bad for being behind on writing documentation, just remember that it took Richard Stallman 35 years to put out a GNU C reference manual.


@nuala @vfrmedia

Something I've recently discovered is that you can find people selling working solar panels on eBay which have cracked glass for extremely steep discounts.

I suspect that usually a little bit of optically clear epoxy you could seal up the cracks and end up with a really affordable DIY option.

Time for an !

Time for the first in what I hope to make into a series. The rules are simple, simple determine where this photo was taken and post your guesses—and your reasoning—with a content warning so that correct guesses don't spoil the game for others.

For those who are new to this type of thing, check out the breakdowns that others post to see what techniques you use to solve the next one!


> Douglas Engelbart's Design for Knowledge-based Organizations

For those who know about of Engelbart and the "Mother of all Demos", you'll probably already know why this document is interesting. For the rest of you, I urge you to check out his 1968 demonstration of the oN-Line System and see if you can count how many computing 'firsts' were shown off:


phosh 0.21.0 is out 🚀📱 :

It was supposed to be bug fixes only but also got improved screen shot support and a (experimental) widget to show
upcoming events on the lock screen.

Check out the full release notes at gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/p

#phosh #librem5 @purism #gnome #linux #mobile

@vfrmedia @nuala I built it specifically because I rent and can't really wire anything into the mains or mount panels to the roof.

That said, from a financial perspective my setup only makes sense because the primary components were all used/reclaimed.

My goal is, over time, to expand this with even more recycled batteries but it's already making a small difference in my daily electricity use. Since the overall cost has been so low it should actually pay for itself relatively quickly while also being easily serviceable.

If I get some time, I'm hoping on documenting the build so that others can make their own if they want to.

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For those wondering what the end-goal was for my DIY battery pack, wonder no longer!

I've put it together with various other parts—mostly used or reclaimed—to create a little portable solar battery system.

In fact, I've been using it to keep all my personal electronics charged—phone, laptop, headphones, e-reader, watch—and logging all the power generation and usage for analysis.

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