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Me: Here you go boss.
Boss: What's this?
Me: This is the best I could do with the security budget you gave me. Maybe next quarter we can make it better.

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God damn recipe websites are like web privacy radioactive waste dumps

I've dialed in my server backup so that it finishes right at the same time my alarm goes off in the morning and the extra heat is around when I get up in the morning.

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I'd only ever seen Randi on TV when he called me up and said he liked my (completely obscure at the time) videos. He was supernaturally charismatic, hilarious and had a way of smacking delusions right out of your head with just a few eloquent words.

I'll miss him.

I'm very happy that my feed is faster than feedburner.

Sure, it doesn't actually matter, but it's a victory nonetheless!

pandemic thoughts 

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APIs are essentially power sockets, that expose to others how to connect and draw power.

What Oracle wants to do is also charge a device manufacturer for the privilege of plugging to its sockets.

As always Oracle is such a hostile company for users.

Great set of resources for Rust programming!

Rust Starter Kit 2020 - wiki.alopex.li/RustStarterKit2

My coworkers are playing with a weird baby doll.

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Might have already been posted but this one made me lol. I'm going to use the suggested spelling in our team slack to see if anyone calls me out on it 😂☸️ @[email protected]

So unbelievably exciting!

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The RISC-V ~$25 soldering iron will be available in November running @[email protected] FOSS firmware. Stay tuned for more information in next community update.

Photo of mature and fully-functional prototype.

Ultimate goal for retirement is to have a small lab with a variety of tools and resources to freely share with anyone.

I basically want my retirement to be a mini hackerspace and mentorship sort of deal. I don't know if I'm the best teacher, but I'd love to help where I could.

Crystal Chronicles co-op is one my favourite gaming experiences ever

The remaster removed the co-op to replace it with more annoying friend codes.

But at least they kept the unskippable intro song.

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Okay, I need to block any posts of people loving their , I'm getting so jealous. :p

I really hope that a non-patreon pre-order comes along soon. I'd click buy so quickly.

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