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PenTesters Framework (PTF) v2.3.4 released.

Defaults to python3 for PTF and TrevorC2.


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VCs complaining about secure document sharing are essentially saying "I am totally pwned, so send me and who pwned me all your confidential data pls"

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🔥 CVE-2019-14287

A flaw in Sudo—that comes installed on almost every OS—could let users run commands as "root" even when they're restricted.

Details ➤ thehackernews.com/2019/10/linu

How? Just by specifying user ID "-1" or "4294967295" in the command instead of the root.

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now THIS is my kind of Python book. apologies to the fine folks at O'Reilly. 😂

@freakazoid This particular issue is still going through responsible disclosure, so it's not publicly known.

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Oh fuck me.

One of the most popular "whole home WiFi" systems is fucked from start to finish.

This is unbelievably bad.

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«No information contained on any server located w/in China will be exempted […] No communication from/to China will be exempted. [N]o secrets. No VPNs. No private or encrypted messages. No anonymous online accounts. No trade secrets. No confidential data»

I think more people need to head over to @[email protected]'s media feed to binge watch all of her silly dev story musical parodies.

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SRS TALK: I get really sick of 'core' gamers and media outlets atempting to paint the motion control era as a colossal mistake that produced games no-one ever had fun playing.

The millions whose first gaming moments were a DS, Wii or a phone had just as valid an eiphany as you.

I think that @[email protected] should add this to @[email protected], after all these years I think it's finally time for this password to be retired. ;p

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How can I explain privilege? 🤔

My dad owned an arcade. When I came in the manager flipped a switch so I had unlimited Ms Pac-Man lives

I thought this was normal. I had no idea other kids had to pay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I got fairly good at the game, better than most

That's privilege

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We are receiving word this morning that @[email protected] has been shut down by @[email protected], including "Off The Hook".

We'll post updates as we get them here and at 2600.com.

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Nothing new here. I always lead with the “myth of zero risk!” But just because you can’t eliminate all risk doesn’t mean you don’t make every effort to reduce the risk by using strong de-identification protocols, combined with a risk of re-Id framework. Let’s get past this! twitter.com/privacycdn/status/

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Broke: Hacking people to scare them to make news

Woke: Hacking people to encourage good habits to make news



I don't know for sure, but I suspect it's because of how movies and TV were traditionally experienced.

Movies were like traditional plays, experienced in a theater, and the terminology of being *in* a play was probably borrowed.

Television was different, actors were seen on the screen but it was obvious that they weren't inside it, just visible *on* the surface.

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A year 10 student came in Monday morning not knowing what complex numbers were.

Monday: complex numbers, vectors, matrices, tensor products
Tuesday: entanglement, circuits, Deutsch–Jozsa
Wednesday: implementing Deutsch–Jozsa and using LaTeX

On Friday he hands me 4 pages!

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