"I know you said there was no water damage, but I think I found some subtle signs that may point to it…"

I like as much as the next person, but maybe this is too much ?

@selea I haven't really looked into it yet. My machine isn't really super powerful for rendering tasks, so I haven't looked much into it.

Am I a data hoarder? Maybe.

Do I still have all of the original video files from @[email protected]'s fan video that I helped score? Maybe.

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We worked with the community on the 's keyboard layout over the weekend. After some push and pull, and a total of 6 complete layout revisions, we arrived at a compromise that most ought to be happy with.
Thank you to all those who participated.

@e8johan Image sensor what you'd expect for $29.99, with optics to match.

With the infrared LED, mic, speaker, PoE-ethernet, wifi, SD card support, emmc, USB host, and a whole bunch of GPIO, there are a lot of other bits of hardware that bite into the camera and optic budget.

@e8johan I don't have any samples available, but it's nothing to write home about. It's absolutely fair given the low cost and the number of other hardware features the camera has.

I think it's clearly aimed as a development platform, which is what I'm excited about. Like most products, the goal seems to be providing an affordable dev platform.

@anornymorse The team and those working on related projects have been absolutely killing it this last year with some amazing hardware and software releases.

The from is actually really nice little camera platform.

I need to get the 3D printer at work up and running so I can print a case for it.

If only there was a good open source NVR. :/


🔗 "Encoding data in dubstep drops

[Warning: Those who can’t stand EDM/dubstep, oh boy do I have bad news for you in regards to this blog post]"

So, just like most people I've been totally running out of interesting stuff to binge. Now that America is over, what else should I check out?

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The modem (yes, the modem) can now run Linux kernel 5.10 (@[email protected])... we're sure many of you know where this is heading :)
Massive thanks to biktorgj, konradybcio and others.

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Look, democracy can't work without sulfuric acid and electron microscopes

Finally fixed an annoying bluetooth audio bug on my laptop by installing the newer bluez 5.55-3 package.

Apparently it was a known bug.


"What’s Entering the Public Domain in 2021: The Great Gatsby & Mrs. Dalloway, Music by Irving Berlin & Duke Ellington, Comedies by Harold Lloyd & Buster Keaton, and More […]"


As much as I love the Kobo Forma, I'd really love a truly open alternative from a company like @PINE64.

Hopefully we'll see something like that in the coming years.

Finally put together my @PINE64 breakout board!

The Pinecil is a great little TS100 clone with an open hardware design and open source firmware! I'm powering mine with my QC3/PD USB-C charger and it works great.

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