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Batman VS Superman is a movie about two grown men who admit they love their mommies. And that is true strength.

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If k8s is “kubernetes,” does that mean sk8erboy is “skuberneteerboy”?


As much as I love brutalist/heroic architecture, it does have a serious sustainability issue. I'm not sure how much of it will be left in 20 years or beyond.


"[…] the man who had designed what is known now as "The Mother of All Demos" […] died Sunday at the age of 91"

I'm going to watch The Mother of all demos again today to honour this legendary engineer.

My work sent this out to everyone and I figured the fediverse would like it.

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Ultracapacitors Might Have Bad Fruity Smell

You might think the smell of an electrolytic capacitor boiling out is bad, but if scientists from the University of Sydney have their way, that might be nothing. They’ve devised an ultracapacitor — that uses b… hackaday.com/2020/07/29/ultrac

@ticoombs I know why it's doing it. I had to write my own patch for neofetch to even get it to do _this_. :p

To benchmark my new CPU & GPU I loaded up an ad I did for @[email protected] that includes many layers, motion tracking, compositing, colour correction, etc.

When we first did that ad, the final render took a few hours. With the new hardware it took 5 minutes.

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I have a joke about Arm assembly, but the destination address must be 4 byte aligned, otherwise the joke is UNPREDICTABLE.

This Vietnamese coffee stout actually surprised me. The flavour is absolutely fantastic and really lives up to the name!

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I was looking at the patent for the 6800 microprocessor and it includes a slush maker‽ The microprocessor floor plan diagram shows up in a slushy drink patent. Unbelievably, the patent office swapped diagrams between these two unrelated patents issued on Oct 19, 1976.

Banging some @[email protected] tunes super loud. Y'all ought to check out this legend if you haven't already.


This is … truly cursed.

🔗 “Make a disk image formatted with both ext2 and FAT, at once.”


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I’m working on a systems project rn and when I want to freak out the people I’m sprinting with I show them my 666 tattoo and gets them pretty upset.

I'm trying to master the art of , I've gotten to the point where I can roll it decently well and get it reasonably fluffy, so now I'm looking to branch out in terms of recipe and techniques.

Any experts out there who have any recommendations?

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Worth pointing out that ethernet transformers make for very good and cheap wideband RF coupling transformers. 100 megabit ones have a bandwidth about 500kHz to 100 MHz. twitter.com/KWF/status/1248084

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Details on how we caused an 23 min outage for~50% of @[email protected]'s network today. The root cause was a typo in a router configuration on our private backbone. We've applied safeguards to ensure a mistake like this will not cause problems in the future. blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare

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I have been boycotting Cloudflare since CloudBleed.

I also detest them for them forcing all Tor users like me into free labor training AI for third parties with endless captchas.

Can we make the internet decentralized again now?


Hey , , communities, I'm interested to know if there are any reasonable proposals in existence for an alternative to DNS that is more robust than our current system and also feasible in implementation?

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