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Best addons for :
-Cookies Manager+
-User-Agent Switcher
-Tamper Data
-FoxyProxy Standard
-SQL Inject Me

Interested in hearing from those involved in on the impact that removing the 1 year exception period on federally-funded research.

From my naive, foss-loving position it sounds like it might actually be good in the long term.


The simplicity gets that across either way.

In your position I might default to the white but include a prefers-color-scheme css block so I don't blind those using a dark theme on their devices.

@bgcarlisle The reboot icon is a tattoo I've been meaning to get for ages.

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Guys, another @[email protected] masterpiece, UNDERWATER CHRISTMAS IN JAPAN!

This is a classic 80s Tokyo Funk / city pop type of deal... it was very very hard for my brain :(

@qwerty I think that projects like the and are driving towards that pretty darn fast!

Just had a serious nostalgia moment as I remembered the early days of and my first couple of hand-me-down Palm PDAs.

Why is it that my Palm Pilot felt like a better productivity device than any modern cell phone?

As long as we're rebooting Canadiana 

If and when gets multiuser voice and video chat — and once at least one client implements a push-to-tall option for voice — I really want to move away from the traditional voice and video platforms for good.

@realcaseyrollins I'm not sure they do. I just took a patch that I got ages ago and sewed it to the back of my cap.

Now I can rep everyone's favourite onion-based privacy tool wherever I go.

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@[email protected] @[email protected] Nah nah it's just virtualization. You launch a VM on real hardware. Then you launch another VM inside the first VM. Then, very very carefully, you remove the hardware.

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Finally got my Gasman chiptunes website up to date and a bit less empty. Now features Actual Music To Listen To!

"Describing location data as anonymous is “a completely false claim” that has been debunked in multiple studies, Paul Ohm, a law professor and privacy researcher at the Georgetown University Law Center, told us. “Really precise, longitudinal geolocation information is absolutely impossible to anonymize. D.N.A. (...) is probably the only thing that’s harder to anonymize than precise geolocation information.”

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In 1079, Omar Khayyam calculated the length of the year to 365.24219858156 days. That means that he was out by less than the sixth decimal place– fractions of a second – from the figure we have today of 365.242190, derived with the aid of radio telescopes and atomic clocks.

@asjmcguire Unfortunately that's not really feasible in my current flat. Otherwise I'd definitely go with something like that.

A simple solar system can be put together quite easily as a hobbyist using water as your thermal mass.

Canada mobile phone question 

Canada mobile phone question 

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