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RT When you find an externally facing RCE vuln but don’t have the scope to exploit it.

RT Never forget that we, as a species, made our glorious debut onto the galactic stage by sending unsolicited nudes, a mix tape, and directions back to our place.

RT The BOOM thesis embargo has finally lifted, and in time for the RISC-V Summit. Thank you to everyone who has helped me, inspired me, and encouraged me over the years and made BOOM possible!

RT Bush, the man who negotiated NAFTA died the same day NAFTA died, PROVING that he put a piece of his soul into it the way Sauron put his into the one ring.

RT What programs did Toronto Public Library offer 150 years ago? "The Luminous Appearances of the Sea" was one, here are the others:

RT Help EFF live long and prosper. Donate now and your contribution is matched. 🖖

RT I haven't gotten to read these in detail yet, but a LOT more GCHQ folks have been coming out and speaking and writing publicly lately. An interesting shift. I'd be curious about the behind the scenes towards more transparency.,

RT This Genius has one of the best comedy albums of the decade.

RT Read Indigenous is a yearly list of must-read titles by Indigenous authors, writers, illustrators and knowledge keepers. Find your next great read with our lists for adults, children and teens:

LED lighting is boring gamers, instead put dolls and lamps in your computer instead.

RT Fell down an internet hole and discovered there's a new Shinichiro Watanabe anime coming soon: Carol & Tuesday about two street musician's trying to make it on Mars in a future where creativity is left to AIs.

RT Trying to track down my copy of The Elements of Computing Systems. I'm pretty sure I lent it out to someone who was interested and never got it back.


It's a fantastic book and definitely worth picking up if you want to have a more thorough understanding of computers.

RT East German secret police guide for identifying youth subcultures. Circa 1985.

RT Draft legislation in Australia that would enable law enforcement to obtain data from tech companies would be dangerous for press freedom and source confidentiality

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