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I collect basically no meaningful information about users of my password generating website, but I really don't feel like I'm missing out on any important metrics.

I really wish that more websites would re-evaluate actual value of the information they gathered, if only because it's a waste of time and a major cause of poor site performance.


Library freedom is intellectual freedom.

Encourage your librarian friends to apply for LFI and become a privacy advocate in their community. The program is completely free. Here's how it came about:

Does anybody have the battery for a Nokia 6303ci at the #35c3 ? I want to use it with the chaos SIM but it seems not to work... so I want to test if it's the battery fault

Please boost #followerpower

Looking for an alternative to Google Play Music.

I currently use GPM because it allows me to upload my own music and stream it from anywhere while also having a mobile app that makes it very easy to selectively download songs I want to play on the go.

What , self-hosted alternatives exist out there?

For the last six months or so I've been using a U2F security key for many of my important logins and I have been really enjoying the easy-of-use and security it can provide.

I sincerely hope that more sites and services implement it and that they allow for the registration of multiple devices on an account. The future of secure authentication could really be as easy as a physical keychain.

I think this is a good thing. Settlement bullying is bad, especially when it involves a negligent lack of due process.

I really need to get back to finishing some new music. Hopefully that can be something that I actually get to do going into the new year.

The Famicom Twin is still one of my favourite consoles of all time. It's got a fantastic library of games and a beautiful design, particularly in the red colour-scheme.

It's a real shame that the majority of Famicom-exclusive and Famicom Disk System games will never really be experienced by western audiences.

Had a weird dream that I had released a new federated version of door games and MUDs but upon waking up I quickly lost sight of how that ever seemed to make any sense.

I'd be interested to know how would have handled something like . I'm honestly somewhat shocked at how out of touch's response was.

Dear seal/inscription experts:

Any idea what this might say? I am under the impression that the S is often short for "seal" but I'm not sure.

Seems to say:

S ionis rome (c or g) verie.

Please loop in people who might have some insight.

I'd love to get some feedback from some folks who regularly use languages that include non-English characters (á, ð, ğ, etc);

Do you regularly use these types of characters in your passwords? Do any major websites have issues with these characters?


(Even if you don't have an answer, I'd truly appreciate it if you could boost this so that those who might can see it.)

I might have posted this before, but it's worth checking out if you haven't already. This was trained to play a game not based on any traditional rewards (like score, distance, levels completed) but with the goal of avoiding "boredom".

It attempts to predict what will happen next and is incentivized for finding inputs that subvert those predictions.

How nice of them to attach the key to a chain so that nobody can possibly get confused and put it in a more secure location.

Whoops, stayed up too late working on this Famicom/NES project. Hopefully it's worth it. I really hope this project will make it easier for people to get into programming for the Nintendo.

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