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I'd apologize for making this but I'd be blatantly lying.

Hashtag #Rust meme squad or something.

I've added a small motor to a Marble Machine Kit that I received for Christmas.

Now I can add a simple motor controller and drive that with a little ESP8266 or similar so that it can be controlled over my WiFi network.

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Tumblr's porn ban is making subjective calls about what is “art” and what is “adult content," and clearly taking down important speech in the process:

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Any one out there in Twitter land come across one of these ?, no info at all, got it running after re-seating all boards.

I don't watch a lot of Crash Course, but this particular episode—on the topic of assessing sources and citations on the internet—is something I wish a larger number of people would watch.

There's no end in sight to Facebook's atrocities.

Facebook paid kids to install its VPN which granted "near limitless access" to their phone activity.

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Excited about Intl. Data Privacy Day tomorrow! Starting the day with a delegation from Japan re. Smart Cities/Sidewalk Labs. Then speaking to UN Global Pulse about the growth of Privacy by Design. Then off to U of T to advance the privacy benefits of SmartData & Decentralization!

Some awesome jams going down at in

If you're interested in live , you ought to swing by Birky's Bar at 1592 Queen West.

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Happy MOD Day everyone! On January 24, 1990 the first generation of the Masters of Deception were gently encouraged to stop hacking things (ok, raided). AT&T later admitted they screwed up, but a slick young prosecutor still managed to use the moment to claim fame in cyber law.

Can any point me towards good indexes for useful Tor hidden services?

I have some steady monthly use of my Easy-Type Password service but I find it hard to get the word out about it in circles where people actually use Tor.

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