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Retro computer time! The micrococo is one of my favourite little microcomputers but gods was it a shitty machine. ;p

Also, the TI-99/4A... must have really ruined the marketing team's day when they announced that name...

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"Should cryptographic groups use additive or multiplicative notation" - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,

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I am a bit disturbed that according to this week's episode of Discovery, Starfleet is still using SQL databases with injection vulnerabilities.

"W3C approves #WebAuthn as the web standard for password-free logins"

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We now have a new version of Cwtch Alpha (v0.1.2)! This release includes many fixes for bugs reported by the community, windows builds, & we now also have a cwtch alpha testing cwtch group! For more info see:

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As I promised, here's a collection of tons, just millions of NFO files from all sorts of people and donated over the past few years to me. I'll be cleaning up the look of it but you can browse through it now.

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I was on the fence about implementing bumpers... they won't be on every level, but oh maaan 🤪

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When I cite a website in my research, I've recently made a point of archiving it in the Wayback Machine whenever possible and using the resulting URL in my footnotes. I've long since grown tired of broken links even in publications only a few years old.

Any pros out there have any really neat KDE Connect commands that you think are useful?

I've currently got a few basics to lock my session and turn off my display, but I'm interested to know how other people use it.

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When you hand over your DNA to a company that has NO regulatory oversight, you're also handing over your mom's, dad's, siblings', cousins'... You get the drift.

Consumer DNA testing companies are honeypots for bad actors and ethically problematic use cases.

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Here's a clip of the joystick, and some pictures of how it was made and put together, along with the computer it was made for. Many thanks to @JudgeDrokk for the challenge of making it!

Here's one from the archive, @io.

This Amiga 500 isn't all that old, but since I use it for gigging it's got its own little display and a floppy emulator to get rid of moving parts.

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Margaret was the Director of the Software Engineering Division at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory. Mom. Bad ass coder.

I really, really want @PINE64 and @Purism to succeed with their mobile devices.

I'm really hoping this spring or summer to jump ship to a platform that is more fsf friendly.

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