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It’s extremely thoughtful of the Chinese government to provide such a vivid demonstration in Hong Kong of the risks to human rights and democracy of “smart” cities, while other cities still have time to change course (I won’t hold my breath, though)

because we as a species were so lonely
and wanted friends so bad
we built robots who have beat-up hulls & metal brains
and we told them hey you wanna go exploring
of course they did because we had made them in our own image

maybe in a hundred years we won’t be around any more
and if the other people come and say, who were these people?
the robots can say when they made us
they called us discovery & curiosity & spirit
they must have thought that was important

and they told us to tell you hello

TI 2019, Dota 

TI 2019, Dota 

New konbini down the street. Some seriously good chip options are available.

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Pop-Up Learning Labs travel to different branches to bring technology to your community through free, staff-led programs and classes. See where to find the Labs this month:

:gimp: For those who missed the news, #GIMP got forked big time: 

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I don't quote remember where I did read ot, but scratch proofing your cardio with plastic from old (probably "deposit-free") bottles is really genius!

#CCCamp19 #card10


TIL there's a Unicode block set up for the characters on the undeciphered Phaistos Disc, a 3500 year old Minoan artefact.

So if undeciphered characters are ok for Unicode: Who wants to help petition for a set of Voynich manuscript symbols?

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Rough day. Erratic was just sent back to federal prison. In essence, the judge set an unusual new precedent: hackers are considered so dangerous to the the *economy* that they must be locked up.

Arch runs really well on the GPD Pocket. I'm still in love with the "UMPC" form-factor.

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In the UK, facial recognition used by the police was found to have an 81% inaccuracy rate: 81% of faces matched were false positives! Say NO to facial recognition.

When you get caught sitting on the one chair you're not allowed to be on.

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