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VPN services are *not* a viable method for protecting your data from nation state actors or other advanced threats. They are not engineered for privacy and they should really aim to be more honest in their advertising.

That said, I'm tired of people saying that you should never use a VPN. VPNs do offer robust security against much of the average person's threat landscape with trade-offs that can be easily managed.

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Girls got so excited after coding for the first time , earning an online certificate on @[email protected] during our School Code Tour Program in Abuja, our mission is to ensure every girl is given the opportunity to code . @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected]

Milk is one of those things that generally tastes different regionally and it's been one of the more difficult things to adapt to moving to a new country.

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😍 the latest 3D printed fabric designs from @[email protected] @[email protected] at .

Base materials include tulle, cotton, stainless steel, and what looks like homemade paper.

Can't wait for talks tomorrow.

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"The sooner @[email protected] is hired by Toronto to oversee this nonsense the better. Google now is going to monitor noise....obviously that means access to recording noise coming from condos too. This theft of our liberty must end @[email protected] . " Ross Kay

Living in the UK means that I can finally expand my collection of to include some of the amazing selection from the UK and Europe.

Plus, I can actually visit the @[email protected] instead of just bothering them on twitter!

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SIM swapping won't be taken seriously by carriers until a major politician gets hit. It's literally going to require a legit threat to national security before something will be done.

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This is pretty cool and important stuff on full working timing attacks on real-life TPMs; paper Intel TPM chips: CVE-2019-11090, ST's TPM chips: CVE-2019-16863. In this case a vulnerability website is entirely appropriate:

Do you use #GPG? If you have your own domain + email with it, you can setup #WKD so that people can easily fetch your public key.

Here is a blog post showing you how: #security #privacy

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I posted the MMC3 example code. A support library for cc65 nesdev users (neslib).

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I am deeply touched that Spain has issued a comprehensive Guide to Privacy by Design! PbD is increasingly being recognized as the best way to prevent privacy harms from arising: proactive measures are the best way forward.

I've got a long flight coming up, looking for recommendations. I've read most of the classics, so ideally recommendations for lesser known works?

Web application security is not a trivial task. Even Microsoft/Github can mess up in critical ways.

This is a great example of why you want as many eyes on your security critical code as possible!

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