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Finally got my Gasman chiptunes website up to date and a bit less empty. Now features Actual Music To Listen To!

"Describing location data as anonymous is “a completely false claim” that has been debunked in multiple studies, Paul Ohm, a law professor and privacy researcher at the Georgetown University Law Center, told us. “Really precise, longitudinal geolocation information is absolutely impossible to anonymize. D.N.A. (...) is probably the only thing that’s harder to anonymize than precise geolocation information.”

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In 1079, Omar Khayyam calculated the length of the year to 365.24219858156 days. That means that he was out by less than the sixth decimal place– fractions of a second – from the figure we have today of 365.242190, derived with the aid of radio telescopes and atomic clocks.

I'm really glad that I found before had to fly home for the holidays. It's certainly very useful when you're relying on a lot of wifi networks with less-than-perfect captive portals.

"Galaksija" or Galaxy in Serbian, was a DIY computer from Yugoslavia, invented by Voja Antonić in 1983

It ran on a Zilog Z80 at 3Mhz and had 6K RAM and 8K ROM max. You built the whole thing, including the keyboard

Here's the complete listing from the Računari magazine (January, 1984) with the complete build instructions including the keyboard wiring (language is Serbian, I think)

And the ROM-a B instruction set

Frankly, this is a project that I'd really be interested in putting together some day. I think it'd be quite doable as a hobby project and would be a great way to make the most of the fact that I have to use electric heating.

I really dislike the wasteful nature of electric heaters. What if we used a thermostat-controlled microprocessor instead?

We could have it contribute to scientific research while producing the same amount of heat!

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higan v107 released.
This release includes emulation of the Sega CD, MSX, MSX2, Neo Geo Pocket + Color, SG-1000 + SC-3000, ColecoVision, and much more. It is the culmination of two years and thousands of hours of development.

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R.I.P. Chuck Peddle, absolute American engineering legend: designer of MOS Tech 6502 microprocessor, designer of PET. Died Dec 15, 2019. His Legacy shall live on. His brilliance touched so many lives.

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WikiChip's article on Intel Graphics Technology tells it how it is.

This is the gen that ne-ver ends...

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[email protected] has detailed today a method through which you can analyze TLS traffic and separate DoH from HTTPS, which is probably a good way to ban DoH in your network

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The University in Gießen, Germany had a security incident that required resetting the passwords of 38000 students. Students are lining up to get their new passwords on paper, after identity verification. More about the incident on the bottom of this page:

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Why does the Web need a memory? Ask folks on Yahoo Groups. @[email protected] once wrote “Never trust a corporation to do a Library’s job.” For 23 years, we’ve been saving the web pages you depend on. Ever used the ? We ask u, please chip in today.

I agree wholeheartedly with this. These things are so much more important to a senior role than simply knowing a programming language 'better'.

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When you tell me you are a "senior" engineer, I expect you:
Read RFCs
Write documents
Present to your peers
Know how to discuss in writing
Understand tradeoffs
Back arguments with data
Know how to manage meetings
Self manage
Prove there's a problem before you implement a solution

I really feel this. I end up carrying around a GPD Pocket to use as a portable work computer when my phone really _should_ be able to fill that roll.

🔗 Why Is Your Cellphone Not A More Useful Computer? | Hackaday

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These Buddhist nuns:
- Teach young girls self-defense
- Reached victims of the Nepal 2015 earthquake when others couldn't
- Are solar panel technicians to promote green energy

And it all started with kung fu

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