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Anyone else ever have to do programming, electronics engineering or linux system administration in a grenade factory?

This is where my desk used to be:

Gamification of learning has always been extremely interesting to me. This book has instantly made its way on to my "to buy" list.

A candle that can be lit over the internet but only extinguished in person?

Let's put aside the fact that very few IoT products have any semblance of security-first architecture … the core design is insanely dangerous!

"Subbiah Vidyalayam Girls Higher Secondary School collected all food wrappers that they generated during a two-week period. This amounted to 20,244 wrappers, with just over 10,000 attributed to food manufacturer Britannia and another 3,412 to wafer-maker Nabati. The girls mailed the wrappers to the companies"


Holy shit, this is cool! If I ever do another Windows install, I want to try using this!

I wonder how hard it would be to bring the memory viewers to SDL?

Any SDL pros out there have any experience porting things from Cocoa?

This rotary cellphone built out of a Nortel NT1967 and an Adafruit Feather Fona is the coolest thing ever!

I'm not going to lie, I'd love to build something similar!

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Free Python course materials!

I put in a FOIA request to the NSA for their Python training materials and got back a 400-page printout of their COMP 3321 training course.

So, I scanned and OCR'd it. Here is a PDF (warning: 118 MB)

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#LY1BWB: a fully remote-controlled and #Linux based satellite VHF/UHF station in Vilnius, Lithuania, can be tuned in by anyone at For #hamradio purposes, we only use free and open source software (FedoraOS, #hamlib, Gpredict, cwdaemon, qsstv, pulseaudio, ...). En route to #fosdem2020, I have remotely downloaded this gem while in an airport lounge:

I don't think that @[email protected] officially endorses BLK 3.0 as a surveillance-defeating face paint, but sometimes needs must.

I'll be willing to bet that @[email protected]'s extreme light absorbing paints (BLK 2.0/3.0) would defeat a good number of facial recognition systems in the world.

I'd really love for someone with access to test this out!

Pay a local tween $10 every day to take the wagon along your favourite route home just in advance of your commute home and just ride that slipstream!

Neat form of culture jamming! If Hackers came out today, here's a plausible way to totally fuck up traffic in NY.

"99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps"

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