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Interesting thing about @[email protected] 28. If you look at the ASCII table, you’ll notice that there is no octal value for 28 because 28 in octal doesn’t exist; it goes right from 027 to 030. 030 is the CAN character. For “canceled”.

Coincidence? I think not.

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Booting on your PC (or the ) from your . "Why?" - you might ask ... that's the wrong question I'm afraid. "Why not?" - that's the right question to ask!

For those of you who are interested in & setups, what is your approach to monitoring and alerting?

I've always really loved but I'm wondering what other people are using.

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Binary reversing is a super fun and rewarding skill. This new series by Artik is worth bookmarking!

I got started with electronics engineering by taking old junk apart and scavenging parts. It's still a great way to save money and keep components out of the landfills!

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Due to this covid19 situation I decided to put all my notes on reverse engineering together and write a reversing x32/x64 (from absolute zero to decent) with @[email protected] course

I'll be sharing new content every friday 🗝️⏱️

Part one!

(stay safe)

Update: I've switched moss over to being the lead node.

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MOD.-_mod.obbfuscated.c by Obbe IS crazy. It's valid Protracker file and C source code at the same time which does to the music exactly what seen below

link to the file

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First OS image (that I know of) for the @[email protected] with crust deep-sleep used by default (enabled in power management). After 11hrs unplugged the battery still has a 25% charge. Wakes up on call or SMS. Will be an all-day bat mainline phone soon :)

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If you still write code that ends with .pl, is that perl clutching?

I want to be clear, this song was just the first verse of Humpty Dumpty repeated over and over for 3 1/2 minutes.

Anyone in the or ever run their own ?

I'm not a WoW player, so it's hard for me to know reasonable ways of compensating for low player population without ruining the experience of the game.

Aside from adjusting xp-per-level or bonus xp, drop rates, etc. What recommendations do folks out there have?

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This is my favorite bit of early-UNIX history trivia:

When AT&T donated the V6 source code to Berkeley, it was classified as industrial waste for tax purposes.

Pihole's front-end stats don't work if the pihole's hostname is pihole?


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