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@matrix I'm happy to open an issue somewhere and share some logs if there's a good place to do so.

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My matrix-synapse instance has recently stopped federating with @matrix and I'm having a really hard time figuring out why. Nothing has changed in my configuration and the federation testers show that my certs and DNS are valid.

In my logs I can see some 403s occasionally, but not consistently. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

EFF has received a top four-star rating for eight years in a row from Charity Navigator, a nonprofit rating website. We couldn't be where we are today without your financial support.

Help me do more indigenous education and make anti-capitalist anti-imperialist games at the Silver Spook hui (cooperative/commune) where we're trying to house and feed as is our kuleana (responsibility): (direct support)
Neofeud - a cyberpunk game I created about my experiences as a ghettoized Hawaiian under US racialized capitalism / colonialism

"MS Paint IDE is a program that can read a normal image file saved with MS Paint, and can then translate it to text with the ability to highlight the text in the image, parse the code, compile and execute it. It provides a clean and simple interface, with your actual programming in a program you and millions of others already know how to use, and already have. MS Paint IDE allows the use of external libraries, multiple classes, and much much more."

Anyone have any recommendations for an inexpensive but simple water-level sensor?

I want my watering system to warn me when the tank is low and not to run the pump if it's below a certain level.

Ready for the new updates for #PlasmaMobile? @kde Plasma-for-your-Phone introduces the first steps towards multiple homescreens, timers for KClock, new podcast and Mastodon apps, and much, much more.

I'd like to add that I don't think that PHP is bad or that there's no value in it, just that it's not a language that I generally enjoy working with.

That said, Laravel ends up feeling relatively enjoyable to me.

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The @PINE64 PinePower devices are pretty great. The desktop unit is especially awesome given that it shows the individual power draw of each port on the LCD display!

Finally found a place in Oxford that carries Club-Mate!

For any local hackers or makers who are addicted to this strange drink, Big Scary Monster Social Club in Cowley is the place to go!

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a micro-usb cable with an in-line power switch?

I appreciate that this is a somewhat weird thing to need—I normally make my own—but I want something a bit nicer looking and robust.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Maintaining open source software is fun.

I really do appreciate people who improve documentation, but I've been seeing an increase in these types of spam commits.

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