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The #pinephone is actually pretty neat to run octoprint on, has a built in touchscreen and camera :D

Beta testing day for Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition will be held on Friday, October 1. Join us and help kick some bug butts!

Housing is a human right and a human necessity.

Housing is also the designated path to intergenerational wealth accumulation and class mobility (it used to be housing *and* labor rights, but America got rid of those in the Reagan years).


Say what you will about the traditional banking industry, but I've never accidentally paid an irreversible $23 million dollar fee.

TV is a cross-platform CSV pretty printer made to maximize viewer enjoyment -

That little demo clip is pretty darn compelling…

Turned out to be really interesting in conecpt but still very beta.

That said, as soon as it had ( a ) tabs and ( b ) a configurable homepage I think I'd begin using it!

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Perhaps you non-finnish people haven't heard of the beautiful word 'multipasking', which is multitasking but combined with the finnish word 'paska', which means shit. The meaning of 'multipasking' is, of course, obvious.

that you can get your house or apartment 'permanently' blurred on google maps?

You should google the exact steps for your platform of choice, but it's actually not too difficult to do!

Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

"Shifting responsibility from the largest carbon emitters to the average person, YOU, is easier to do than solving the problems. ...

We have just witnessed a global experiment in staying at home, not using transport and consuming less during the Corona virus pandemic and all it did was reduce CO2 emissions by 7% in 2020. ...

The concept of your carbon footprint was popularized by the oil producer BP in a 2005 ad campaign."

> A quake-style drop-down browser you can open from anywhere

Okay, now _this_ I've got to check out.

Thing that I've learned:

* Library card ≠ reading books
* Owning books ≠ reading books
* Nearby coffee shop ≠ reading books
* Friends reading books ≠ reading books


A half-hour daily commute on the metro = reading hella books

I'm not sure that it's a great thing that AlphaBay is back, but it's definitely interesting to read about DeSnake's security regimen.

The Deathbed Vigil is a classic work of amateur documentary filmmaking that is absolutely worth a watch!

It's a bit slow to start, but it gives an unparalleled view of the last days of Amiga and the people who made it such an amazing computer.

EFF created the Catalog of Carceral Surveillance to spotlight the patents that could pave the way toward chilling developments in surveillance. Fortunately, patents don't always equal products (yet).

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