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This is the first day you can use to vote Doug Ford out of office. You don’t NEED to do it today though - you have from May 19 to May 28 plus June 2 (Election Day). As long as you do it, we can be friends. #onpoli

Framework is honestly doing a great job with this!

Transparency about their process, parts available, upgrade kits. What's not to love about that approach?

There are definitely a lot of potential dangers of effective image-generating AI like DALL-E, but I really want to see if I could generate storyboards from it.

A great explaination of how an IOS exploit is built and that demo is great.

The specific exploit is old, but the process in general reminds me of the reversing work that I've done on other platforms (especially in terms of defeating ASLR).

News article headline may be disturbing to some 

A related issue here, this site clearly pulls images in based on the headline or content of the article, but here it's accidentally seen 'second doctor' and pulled in an image of Troughton, the second actor to play Doctor Who.

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Website which plagiarizes other articles by automatically replacing words with synonyms really gives itself away when stealing this Doctor Who news.

I know I'm late on this one, but In Space with Markiplier is amazing! I highly recommend checking it out and playing through at least once until the end.

Are there any decent quality portable record players available these days?

Ideally something like a Sound Burger but affordable?

Sad to see these two go, but I'm very glad that I could donate them to a local hackerspace where I'm sure they'll be used for all sorts of neat things.

The new terminal watchface in the latest Infinitime firmware is a nerdy but neat.

> A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust
Free and Open Source Forever!

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