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I really do love seeing novel techniques in this space. Obviously, this is a problem that needs to be solved now, but it's exciting seeing such interesting new approaches to backdooring.

I've wanted a payphone for ages. I really want to set up a freePBX exchange with original informational recordings, too.

You really gotta love that feeling when you're trying to implement a formula or algorithm and find out there's a resource made precisely for your use case!

> Several hours after DistroTube uploaded a video on the previous post, the Linuxfx “developers” revoked the leaked database credentials after people started griefing the database. However, they did not properly fix the underlying issue, leaving the database wide open for intrusion.


Academia is weird.

“The highlight of the event is, of course, the Tortoise Race - a competition of speed and agility between the college tortoises of Oxford. Make sure to be at the fair at 3pm to witness the making of a new champion.”

I do sort of want to go, though…

If anyone who follows this account enjoys music—music made with the programmable sound generators from old videogame and computer hardware—and the modification of that type of hardware, you should definitely follow my music account: @jefftheworld!


Thanks to those boosting the original post! This might not be the right job for everyone, but the compensation is good and the role is fun for the right type of person so every boost is a chance for it to be seen by someone who would really enjoy the work.

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Any sys admin folks based in the UK, US, India, or Japan looking for remote work?

The company I work for has lots of new positions opening up! DM me for details!

(ps, feel free to reply with other job opportunities. I'd love this to become a thread for those looking for positions!)

I somehow missed this Pirate Bay documentary when it was released, but it's a great insight into a tiny project that became an international institution.

I highly recommend checking it out.

Super neat open hardware design for running MCUGotchi (or anything else you'd like).

For those who aren't aware, MCUGotchi is a Tamagotchi P1 emulator which runs on modern microcontrollers.

Do you ever see something that you absolutely don't need but you still wish you had?

This dude is honestly too cool for school.

DIY synths AND vintage telephone exchange equipment? I really need to make a trip out to his little museum.

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