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I'd like to add that I don't think that PHP is bad or that there's no value in it, just that it's not a language that I generally enjoy working with.

That said, Laravel ends up feeling relatively enjoyable to me.

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The @PINE64 PinePower devices are pretty great. The desktop unit is especially awesome given that it shows the individual power draw of each port on the LCD display!

Finally found a place in Oxford that carries Club-Mate!

For any local hackers or makers who are addicted to this strange drink, Big Scary Monster Social Club in Cowley is the place to go!

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a micro-usb cable with an in-line power switch?

I appreciate that this is a somewhat weird thing to need—I normally make my own—but I want something a bit nicer looking and robust.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Maintaining open source software is fun.

I really do appreciate people who improve documentation, but I've been seeing an increase in these types of spam commits.

A Minuteman 3 Metric with a leather carrying case! Are YOU keeping up with the Commodore!?

Even if you know a lot about the 6502 and it's illegal opcodes, this article is likely to bring some new insights.

6502 “Illegal” Opcodes Demystified -

Looking for a format for the Pinenut-01S?

Or maybe looking for a KiCad schematic symbol for the at its heart?

Look no further!

I once commented on a pull request with "Wow, nothing to say about this once" and I _meant_ to approve it immediately, but I accidentally didn't approve it.

I felt bad once I realized, but luckily the person in question wasn't offended.

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