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> Rockstar is a computer programming language designed for creating programs that are also hair metal power ballads.

Spotted over Labrador, crazy that you can you spot manmade infrastructure in the middle of nowhere from way up at 31 thousand feet.

I've done some research and I'm pretty sure I know what this is, but I'd love to hear guesses to see what everyone else thinks?

> Rockstar is a computer programming language designed for creating programs that are also hair metal power ballads.

The Finns do some cool stuff. These folks did some precise cutting of the ice surrounding their cottage to turn it into a giant ice carousel, complete with a sauna (because Finland).

You click a link to a news site, to read an article that seems interesting.

On the page that loads there is the article, but also, somewhere on the right, often near the bottom, there is a small video player. Inexplicably, it was not blocked by your ad-blocker.

It is auto-playing a news video that is not connected to the article. Sound is often on.


For example, as a long-time user I know that F5 _does_ provide the refresh functionality that Linus was looking for, but I was actually surprised to realize that the default configuration hid the entire menu bar and, therefore, hid the menu option from new users!

I'd love to see a first-launch pop-up which prompts users to choose whether they want to see this menu bar or not and lets them know that hiding it may make certain functions 'hotkey only'.

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I am a huge fan of KDE's Dolphin, but the latest Linux challenge video from LTT is a treasure map to how to make it better!

The amazing devs in the @kde community should look at the pain points exposed in that video and I'm certain that Dolphin will benefit greatly!

For filesystem nerds, this is a neat concept for a project. I think this is based on a fractal tree index rather than just a b-tree. The implications for write performance are super interesting.

I just heard someone describe Batman's superpower as shopping and I can't really disagree.

Remember this?

> The Max Headroom signal hijacking occurred on the night of November 22, 1987, when the television broadcasts of two stations in Chicago, Illinois, United States, were hijacked in an act of broadcast piracy by a video of an unidentified person wearing a Max Headroom mask and costume, accompanied by distorted audio and a corrugated metal panel swiveling in the background to mimic Max Headroom's geometric background effect.

Every once in a while I remember back to 2009 when I walked to the end of my street on a casual summer day to see the then Emperor and Empress of Japan walking around.

I think most people living in the suburbs of Toronto don't really have that sort of memory.

Really cool that there are _two_ awesome tracker-based synth/sequencer/samplers available!

This fantastic video gives a pretty fair comparison of the two from someone who owns both.

It's been brought to my attention that the guy behind Garfield Eats—the pizza restaurant, mobile AR game, farm-to-table movement—produced a single episode of a TV/web series:

> Ian Brackenbury Channell was paid $16,000 a year to provide ‘acts of wizardry’ for the city of Christchurch

This dude was living the dream!

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