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I made a new Speccy demo called Shadebob Squarepixels for the rsync demoparty in Brussels this weekend. youtube.com/watch?v=5n4RuQUtty

The only one I got wrong was the one about 4mat because I thought they were looking for the meme answer that he invented chiptunes. 馃槀


This is both a great little update _and_ a heartwarming little story!

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A surprise gift of a pull request from @[email protected]! NSFPlay's VRC7 / YM2413 emulation gets an update from its original author after 15 years!


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i'm not sure i'd be doing what i'm doing of i hadn't heard The @[email protected] way back, and We Ride has been a favorite of mine ever since, so playing it was a lot of fun. i hope i did it justice!

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Finally got my Gasman chiptunes website up to date and a bit less empty. Now features Actual Music To Listen To! gasman.zxdemo.org/

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Our very own @[email protected] has put together a cute chiptune in - check out the thread for how he pushed the limits of Pico-8 with ghost notes and swing groove! 鉂ゐ煄 twitter.com/gasmanic/status/12

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thank your god/deity/idols that there are people making smart, well produced, fun, beautiful chiptune music still.


This is the type of record 16 year old me fell in love with which made me start my own musical journey.

Start yours.

I've been a huge and fan for nearly as long as they've been putting music on the internet, so it's exciting to collect and play with more of the computers that inspired me so much.

Now that I'm living in in the (home of Gasman) and having picked up a ZX Spectrum +2, I'm hoping to be able to actually release some new music soon and I'll definitely be mixing in some speccy tunes.

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Tonight we reached and breached 800gbps for the first time! (the in/out disparity is due to an SNMP bug affecting a few ports)

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The lineup for Super 2020 needs more Nerdcore... Let's welcome @[email protected] to the main stage this year!

His magnum opus of nerdom, "Nerd Love", is out now! Teaser song available at super.magfest.org

This looks somewhat possible. If it had a real SID, it would certainly make for a fantastic way to do SID tunes live.

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Handheld C64 - Commodore HX-64 : A 3D Rendering by Cem Tezcan of a handheld Commodore 64 that uses "mini cassettes" to load programs or games

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Going through some showbills as I pack up my stuff and holy heck was this a wild lineup! So much of the best and visuals all in one weekend!

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