I just have to share this again for those who missed it because it's just too good!


Okay, so I've got Famitracker running natively on ARM Linux thanks to the famitracker-qt project, but it's an older version. I wonder how hard it would be to bring the FT core up a more recent version?

Perhaps a worthwhile weekend investigation?

I somehow missed this Pirate Bay documentary when it was released, but it's a great insight into a tiny project that became an international institution.

I highly recommend checking it out.


Longing for the day when "crypto" means "cryptography" again.

This dude is honestly too cool for school.


DIY synths AND vintage telephone exchange equipment? I really need to make a trip out to his little museum.


I kinda want to order this. I've used Game Boy Cameras for my live performances a lot before (there's a little, built-in music program).

Like all my live performance equipment, I always want to get away from battery-backed RAM…


The m8_flow project is an incredible experiment in adapting the fantastic M8 tracker to be used by those who are visually impaired!

With all the cool aluminum chassis available for the Game Boy Color, GBA, GBA SP, why is there not one available for the original Game Boy?

Who needs a Game Boy to make music when you can just use a Game Boy cartridge!


Heck yes, got this gem in the mail!

Blasting some will definitely bring some Toronto vibes to sleepy Oxford!

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