Do any of my friends have any experience with ? The idea of an open source game engine definitely appeals to me.

How does it compare to and ?

@jefftheworld I have a small amount of experience with it (made two small jam games), but I absolutely love it. I previously mostly used Unity so that's all I can compare it to, and I found Godot much more intuitive. For 2D pixel art games in particular, I found Godot to be much less of a struggle to get the art to look like it should and get pixel perfect motion and things like that. 2D in Unity is really kind of a hack, and it does not feel that way in Godot at all.

@hyperlinkyourheart @jefftheworld
*voice from the off* Thanks for the hint! I just looked at their website again and since it also supports C#, I'll give it a go, too! :D

@Glatorius @jefftheworld Enjoy! I used GDScript myself so I don't know how the C# support is, hopefully good.

@hyperlinkyourheart @jefftheworld
I currently work with Unity and have some Unity-independent stuff already written in C#, so it would be awesome if I can still use that.
And I also use .Net at work so I'm most comfortable with that. :)

@jefftheworld I've been using it since 3.0 came out. It's really good! There's a touch of a learning curve, but once you get familiar it's really easy to bust out prototypes quickly and it's fun to use

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