This looks somewhat possible. If it had a real SID, it would certainly make for a fantastic way to do SID tunes live.

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Handheld C64 - Commodore HX-64 : A 3D Rendering by Cem Tezcan of a handheld Commodore 64 that uses "mini cassettes" to load programs or games


@jefftheworld How much smaller would it be from the SX-64?

@se7en You can see it rendered in someone's hands in one of the photos. The SX-64 was not handheld. ;p

@jefftheworld I am aware the SX-64 was not handheld. The question now is will someone build it?

@se7en Oh, sorry. Your original question was about its size.

As for whether it will be built, almost certainly not. It's just a render done by an artist.

@se7en Actually, that Nintendo Playstation turned out to be real.

@jefftheworld I said this back in 2015 and the people I showed this to said that it wasn't a real photograph, and probably was just something someone put as a What-if. They said that this never reached prototype phase


It did reach prototype stages, obviously, but the partnership between Sony and Nintendo fell apart soon after and Sony eventually decided to scrap all the progress made and start from scratch in designing what we saw as the final PlayStation.

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