Eurorack is expensive and the format is really not for everyone.

I've always been interested, but never felt like there was a way to experiment with the format.

Until now.

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@jefftheworld nice!! FWIW I don't really have any experience with a commercial modular system, but I can tell you that the VCV Rack experience is very much like my homemade modular. And btw in a number of cases, the modules in Rack are direct clones of some digital Eurorack modules!!

@jefftheworld i dont know anything about the racks and yet it was fun to try this program out last year. There are some good manuals for it. "INTRODUCTION TO AUDIO SYNTHESIS" is good, for example, if you know nothing like me. Complamentary link:

@b847c1960 I'm lucky enough to be very familiar with analog synthesis, so it's really coming quite naturally.

@jec It's a Dirtywave M8.

It's a really feature-rich portable synth, sequencer, and sampler.

Here's a photo of it with some other gear for scale.

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