Okay, so I've got Famitracker running natively on ARM Linux thanks to the famitracker-qt project, but it's an older version. I wonder how hard it would be to bring the FT core up a more recent version?

Perhaps a worthwhile weekend investigation?

Heck yes, got this gem in the mail!

Blasting some will definitely bring some Toronto vibes to sleepy Oxford!

A 72-to-60 pin adapter! A 72-to-60 pin adapter! My kingdom for a 72-to-60 pin adapter!

Yup, 8bitbubsy's fantastic Protracker 2 clone works just fine on ARM.

I compiled it without any issues on my @PINE64's PineBook Pro and it runs all my mods just fine.

Really missing my Commodore 64s. They're in storage back in Canada, but I did bring this Kerberos cartridge with me so that I can jump right in if I find a fair price on a C64 here.

New music is incoming! The jam sessions are getting more and more fun!

Eurorack is expensive and the format is really not for everyone.

I've always been interested, but never felt like there was a way to experiment with the format.

Until now.


My hope is that this weekend I can actually bang out a few demos with the M8 and maybe make 2021 (or 2022) the comeback year.

Wow, I wish all forums had this little feature!

Yeah, every post has a timestamp, but this makes it so much more natural to read and parse.

I finally replaced my Game Boy's display with a fancy IPS one, but I had to carve out a bit of the board to accommodate for the RCA connectors.

RT @JeffAlyanak@twitter.com

Looking for a format for the Pinenut-01S?

Or maybe looking for a KiCad schematic symbol for the at its heart?

Look no further!


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