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Check out this EPIC variant cover Matt Frank and Joshua Perez did up for @[email protected]!!! We can't wait to rock out in Austin June 14th and 15th!

I definitely have my priorities straight on this fresh OS install. ;p

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Some awesome jams going down at in

If you're interested in live , you ought to swing by Birky's Bar at 1592 Queen West.

Any Toronto folks coming out tonight for some live and ?

Come by @ Birky's Bar, 1592 Queen West early enough and get one of these free compilation cassettes featuring a song by yours truly!

Houston Tracker 2 for the TI-8X calculators is a super fantastic tool for writing music.

Really digging Houston Tracker 2. This fantastic 1-bit music tracker runs on a bunch of the most popular models of Texas Instruments graphing calculators and boy does it sound great!

My Amiga now has both a USB floppy drive emulator and a small built-in display, making it an absolute pleasure to bring out to live gigs!

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