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Check out this EPIC variant cover Matt Frank and Joshua Perez did up for @GreaterAustinCC@twitter.com!!! We can't wait to rock out in Austin June 14th and 15th!

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Some awesome jams going down at in

If you're interested in live , you ought to swing by Birky's Bar at 1592 Queen West.

Any Toronto folks coming out tonight for some live and ?

Come by @ Birky's Bar, 1592 Queen West early enough and get one of these free compilation cassettes featuring a song by yours truly!

Houston Tracker 2 for the TI-8X calculators is a super fantastic tool for writing music.

Really digging Houston Tracker 2. This fantastic 1-bit music tracker runs on a bunch of the most popular models of Texas Instruments graphing calculators and boy does it sound great!

My Amiga now has both a USB floppy drive emulator and a small built-in display, making it an absolute pleasure to bring out to live gigs!

This felt likes ages ago now, but I'm hoping to get back to some SID music soon. The C64 is just too fun to ignore.

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