I'm also happy to give out free-of-charge commercial licenses to individuals organizations and causes that I like.

All of my music is cc-by-nc. I can understand that artists might not want to drop the nc, but I think that some form of cc license is worth it for all artists.


Wanna build your own old-school 3D shooter in a weekend? Check out this project-based learning approach.



Saying "not all men" is like saying "I'm not involved in this" at a time when people really need to hear "I'm on your side."

Really enjoying Lateralis' Ex Cathedra. I've always been a fan of darktunes—a term that nobody uses for dark chiptunes—and this album is definitely a great example of it!


Did you folks know that my mother is a fantastic singer & songwriter?

You should check out her new website — musicbyyo.com — and bug her in the comments to post more stuff!


Old jam session with Renoise and 3 Korg Volcas (Volca Beats, Volca Keys & Volca Bass) and something pretty fun came about.

🔗 videos.rights.ninja/videos/wat

This simple 4-channel tune is a classic "chiptune". It uses mostly single-cycle waveforms that are hand-drawn to mimic the sounds of the simple PSGs.


Thanks to @skquinn I recently discovered that the high quality FLAC collections of my music were broken.


Well, they've now been fixed, so if you want some free (cc-by-nc 4.0) high quality music then head on over to my website and grab a download!


I removed all the data from the accounts ages ago and I don't use them, but for now I'm not sure if I ought to actually shut them down.

Does google free up email accounts after the accounts are deleted?

I've avoided actually deleting mine for security purposes because I don't want my addresses to be freed up and used for malicious purposes.

Here's another blast from the past ... a clip from the basement album release for my album The Last Day. If you enjoy music, you can alway stream or download the album from my website.


I can't believe this was *7* years ago! Holy crap.

This is a clip from a set I did as part of @tiff@twitter.com's 2011 Nuit Blanche event. Definitely interesting playing a set in their Lightbox Theatre while people stared down at me from their seats. ;p


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Some awesome jams going down at in

If you're interested in live , you ought to swing by Birky's Bar at 1592 Queen West.

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