My hope is that this weekend I can actually bang out a few demos with the M8 and maybe make 2021 (or 2022) the comeback year.

Wow, I wish all forums had this little feature!

Yeah, every post has a timestamp, but this makes it so much more natural to read and parse.

Aren't you tired from writing your Rust programs in English? Would you like to try something different, exotic and funny? Do you like saying "merde" a lot?

Here's my contribution to solve this problem: Rouille, a French Rust programming language.

Spotted in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Any idea what this is? It was sitting out in public with no supervision.

Have you already watched Dad?

If not, you should watch Dad.

I know it looks long, but if you get through the first 20 minutes or so, you'll be hooked for the whole thing.


Where do I start…

…this feels like a very loaded question.

@seachaint @Taris My knowledge is mostly limited to shipping from Canada abroad, but it's always difficult.

@seachaint @Taris Yeah, I actually worked briefly designing/building lithium-ion battery test systems, so I definitely know about the shipping concerns, but it's surprising that I can get them easily in the UK, but that there's a burden on Irish importation.

@seachaint @Taris Oof, sorry. Didn't realize there was a restriction like that in Ireland (I'm actually a Canadian, so European shipping is sort of a mystery to me).

@seachaint @Taris

I'll have to see what longevity is like, but charge time and power density is about par for a 2600mah cell.

Obviously, in this Game Boy they last ages, so I'm not really pushing them very hard, but I've been using it a lot and the voltage is holding well so far.

@seachaint @Taris

I got them in the UK, but a search for "USB-C rechargeable AA battery" on Amazon seems to pull up this exact model in most regions.

I finally replaced my Game Boy's display with a fancy IPS one, but I had to carve out a bit of the board to accommodate for the RCA connectors.

@BalooUriza Yeah, packing the connector, charge controller and battery cell into the same form factor as a AA is pretty crazy.


Looking for a format for the Pinenut-01S?

Or maybe looking for a KiCad schematic symbol for the at its heart?

Look no further!


So, just like most people I've been totally running out of interesting stuff to binge. Now that America is over, what else should I check out?

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