@seachaint @Taris My knowledge is mostly limited to shipping from Canada abroad, but it's always difficult.

@seachaint @Taris Yeah, I actually worked briefly designing/building lithium-ion battery test systems, so I definitely know about the shipping concerns, but it's surprising that I can get them easily in the UK, but that there's a burden on Irish importation.

@seachaint @Taris Oof, sorry. Didn't realize there was a restriction like that in Ireland (I'm actually a Canadian, so European shipping is sort of a mystery to me).

@seachaint @Taris

I'll have to see what longevity is like, but charge time and power density is about par for a 2600mah cell.

Obviously, in this Game Boy they last ages, so I'm not really pushing them very hard, but I've been using it a lot and the voltage is holding well so far.

@seachaint @Taris

I got them in the UK, but a search for "USB-C rechargeable AA battery" on Amazon seems to pull up this exact model in most regions.

I finally replaced my Game Boy's display with a fancy IPS one, but I had to carve out a bit of the board to accommodate for the RCA connectors.

@BalooUriza Yeah, packing the connector, charge controller and battery cell into the same form factor as a AA is pretty crazy.

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So, just like most people I've been totally running out of interesting stuff to binge. Now that America is over, what else should I check out?

Talking about the costs of AA batteries with @[email protected] at a show in Kitchener, going to a weekend toy market in Mexico City with @[email protected] & @[email protected]

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quote tweet this with a mundane experience you’ve shared with someone who is more famous than you

(but you obviously have enough chill to leave it out of your twitter bio)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/getlowder/status/1

I don't think anyone would ever regret buying @[email protected]'s "Trans // Mission".

"Fille / Garçon" is just one great track to check out, but I think the whole album is worth the price of admission.

On top of it all, @[email protected] even mixed a couple of the tracks.

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Finish your Black Friday shopping?
Still got money left somehow?

Buy the Vagabond Dog Holiday Pack and get a lovely parcel of cool merch, awesome indie games, and fun surprises!

Only Available for a limited time:

Sydney was an inspiration to a lot of people in the scene and one of those people who really cared about helping others.

You will truly, truly be missed.

Also, @[email protected] would have to be involved. He's a pillar of the Van chip scene.

Still one of the highlights of my music career having @[email protected] recognize my music!

My dream would be for LTX to do a chipmusic concert that I could help with.

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Man this guy is awesome, I've been jammin out to chiptunes for a while now :D jefftheworld.com/singles/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/luke_lafr/status/4

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In case you're wondering, Yes you can replace / make your own startup song on boot. I think we've got a keeper

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