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My Amiga now has both a USB floppy drive emulator and a small built-in display, making it an absolute pleasure to bring out to live gigs!

This felt likes ages ago now, but I'm hoping to get back to some SID music soon. The C64 is just too fun to ignore.

This little laptop is going to make it way easier to keep my live setup really compact.

I guess the only thing I need to do is build a tiny laptop stand, since I doubt they sell them this small. :p

I remember being really excited back in the day to see my music on smartwatches.

The DPAD events created and run by @[email protected] were always a great time!

Here's one of the few Game Boy Camera pictures taken of me at one of them. Year unknown. ;p

Remembering this awesome trip to @[email protected]!

Me, @[email protected] & @[email protected] did the tourist thing the first day to relax before the festival!

Finally got aboard this train!

Definitely looking to follow any folks out there, so speak up if you're out there!

I apologize for the brief incoming storm of old posts, I just want to fill out my account with some fun stuff so it's not so barren.

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