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Do any of my friends have any experience with ? The idea of an open source game engine definitely appeals to me.

How does it compare to and ?

This did not go where I thought it would but I am happy to say my expectations were greatly exceeded. Don't write this off until you give it a chance.

I think the whole set by @GrantOB should be submitted to the Library of Congress, or at least the @internetarchive. It really needs to be saved for future generations.

The full set of @GrantOB's "It's All Love" had me laughing so much more than it had any right to. Apparently it *is* all love.

NSFPlay 2.4 beta 15
Decided to push some bigger expansion audio rewrites to 2.5, and am going to call this a release candidate for 2.4
- NSF2 and metadata support
- Better CPU synchronization and quality control
- Many small improvements

Hey, @bryface is super awesome and he's almost at 1000 followers! If you are a fan, anyone interested in awesome music should definitely follow him and push him over 1000.

He'll write a song for the 1000th follower! ;)

My show on #aNONradio starts in 30 minutes. Movement Through Thought airs every Friday 06:00 to 07:00 UTC.

Dub techno, electro, and a few future garage-y tunes tonight. T++, Monolake, Hadamard, Morphology, Ghostek, Scuba... expect some rough mixing.

Listen at .

I definitely have my priorities straight on this fresh OS install. ;p

RT @gw3m

Since it’s 2019, I have a YouTube video explaining the maxYMiser release...

Wanna build your own old-school 3D shooter in a weekend? Check out this project-based learning approach.

Really enjoying Lateralis' Ex Cathedra. I've always been a fan of darktunes—a term that nobody uses for dark chiptunes—and this album is definitely a great example of it!

Did you folks know that my mother is a fantastic singer & songwriter?

You should check out her new website — — and bug her in the comments to post more stuff!


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