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I'm no artist but I really wanted to have some nice Splatoon 2 art.

So I cheated.

New konbini down the street. Some seriously good chip options are available.

Probably a pipe dream, but I'd love to see a @[email protected]
video about the new @[email protected]
2.80 UX revamp.

His Blender Con 2018 "feedback" on the UX was hilarious and I'd like to see what he thinks about this new version.

I'm not sure why Vice unlisted this awesome video, but I'm glad it's still available to watch for those with the link.

Ville Virtanen was probably the first 'famous' Finn that I was aware of as a youth.


RT @[email protected]

I'm still not sure why they don't call it GNU IMP.

Not only does that get rid of the slur, it highlights the GNU part and makes for a great mascot/logo.

pcm2pwm v0.8.1 fixes a bug that was affecting the quality of the output.

Grab it now and see for yourself how much better the results are!

Version 0.8 of pcm2pwm is out! It adds support for the inverted bytecode that uses!

If you're or nerd, check it out!

RT @[email protected]

Check out this EPIC variant cover Matt Frank and Joshua Perez did up for @[email protected]!!! We can't wait to rock out in Austin June 14th and 15th!

It's annoying that "hyperbolic" can refer either to hyperbole or hylerbola.

What if I'm exaggerating about a curve!?


Deep patch notes about the new Office365 in the style of a game patch review.

Hey @[email protected], here's that scam a caller gave you a while back but pulled off in a completely automated way!

🔗Hacking Instagram to Get Free Meals in Exchange for Positive Reviews —

Do any of my friends have any experience with ? The idea of an open source game engine definitely appeals to me.

How does it compare to and ?

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