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I'm going to be moving to England very soon. I'd love to connect with some of the UK & European scene.

Please shoot me a message or tag cool people, shows, etc!


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Chipmusic will be DECOLONIZED. we have no use for old colonial corpses:
- ignoring non-white cultures
- the use of hierarchical structures based on “talent”

Who benefits the most and enforces all this gate keeping? insecure racist white men

I say we leave them behind

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Some thoughts on what’s going on in chiptune right now. Please look after each other. We can & should be better 💕

Clock Simulator is actually a really clever, albeit simple, rhythm game.

I can't imagine it's everyone's cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

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Dug out yer oul’ but the mouse is broken/lost? Here’s how to control the cursor with keyboard shortcuts. I did this for years when playing live shows: no wiggle-room on stage for a mouse, plus the table was always swimming in beer.

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Another preview. We're so, so close finishing development. Project Blue, a new NES game, will come to kickstarter in October. Exact day tba.

I wrote an extended version of the Goodnight music from SNES SimCity because I always loved it and wished there was more.

I'm no artist but I really wanted to have some nice Splatoon 2 art.

So I cheated.

New konbini down the street. Some seriously good chip options are available.

Probably a pipe dream, but I'd love to see a @[email protected]
video about the new @[email protected]
2.80 UX revamp.

His Blender Con 2018 "feedback" on the UX was hilarious and I'd like to see what he thinks about this new version.

I'm not sure why Vice unlisted this awesome video, but I'm glad it's still available to watch for those with the link.

Ville Virtanen was probably the first 'famous' Finn that I was aware of as a youth.


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