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STARDUST on AMIGA 500 (1993)

This (and its sequel on A1200) were gorgeous games to show to friends what the Amiga was REALLY capable of.

Franchise is strong until today w/ Super Stardust HD on modern systems.


Here’s a new song co- written with Denis Keldie (The Extras, Prairie Oyster, The Lincolns…) In these covid times, we each recorded in our own home studios and swapped tracks back and forth via dropbox. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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"But it's part of history!"

I've seen thousands of statues, I have no idea who any of those guys on horseback were or why they got a statue. no one does. If it was a statue of Garfield, sure, I'd go "oh that's garfield", but... some horse guy? nah.

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for today's bandcamp friday, do take a moment to check out and support as many of these composers as you can:

Excessive reliance on community to provide identity for the scene can clearly be negative, but I hope that we can hold onto the positive aspects of community, too.

The small, local scenes that I was a part of were always elevated when we accepted those who were on the fringes.

If you are already covering , or any tangentially related art scenes who may be looking for a new home for hosting your coverage, please reach out.

If you have an existing site covering these areas and wish to be listed in an index, please reach out.

My hope with micromuser is to help provide the tools to publish this diverse content as well as a loose hub for discovery, so that we don't lose the beautiful cross-pollination that is so important.

While I'm a big fan of communities and collectives that can support one another, I think it's also extremely important that the micromusic scene supports and nurtures a diversity of people and of art.

For those artists who have recently been looking for a new home for their content, please reach out.

I want to offer free hosting and even free subdomains via for those who may be it.

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This has happened quickly: my former Cheapbeats releases are all back up now under my control.

Negatives : I lost all your support icons and nice comments

Positives : They are all free now, and no longer give credibility to sexual assault.

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Regarding Yorkie / Cheapshot / Cheapbeats / Square Sounds:

1. My original tweets bringing the incident to light
2. An “apology” I received from him on Saturday after months of him trying to discredit me afterwards
3. Him continuing to discredit me
4. My thoughts on the subject

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don't support ChipWIN. support groups like @[email protected] or @[email protected] instead. as soon as i can, i'll be supporting them and many other artists as well.

is for everyone.

I want to say this again…

music is for everyone.
The scene is for everyone.

Any community or organization that makes people feel otherwise is absolutely a lose for chiptune, not a win.

I would like to nominate myself for this list, please.

I don't want anything to do with an organization that would treat people like @[email protected] and @[email protected] the way they have let alone one that has a blacklist based on people who have wronged them!

is for everyone!

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We also know that there is a list of people who writers aren’t allowed to talk about - many of the people are on the list because they said something mean about ChipWIN.


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