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This is my #NAS now ! @PINE64 #quartz64 #arm @Rockchip #RK3566

The board and SSD are powered by a #PicoPSU. There are only 2*1TB SSDs installed, but I would like to install 6 of them in the future!

It's comfortably running my @matrix #homeserver right now!

A 72-to-60 pin adapter! A 72-to-60 pin adapter! My kingdom for a 72-to-60 pin adapter!

Another genderless insult you can use to terrify your enemies 


Yup, 8bitbubsy's fantastic Protracker 2 clone works just fine on ARM.

I compiled it without any issues on my @PINE64's PineBook Pro and it runs all my mods just fine.

I really want a toploader NES to use for music stuff as I don't have any of my NESs in Oxford, but the prices here seem pretty rough.

I wonder if there were fewer sales of the toploader here or if the market here just hangs on to them more. :/

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who is very experienced in electronics and wants to get into the DIY Eurorack space?

Any good, centralized resources on DIY modules? Good sources for components like bus connectors? Any advice or warnings?

Really missing my Commodore 64s. They're in storage back in Canada, but I did bring this Kerberos cartridge with me so that I can jump right in if I find a fair price on a C64 here.

New music is incoming! The jam sessions are getting more and more fun!

I put in a DMCA takedown notice for all of my works which hitpiece (dot) com tried to steal to sell as NFTs and the site became unreachable immediately after I submitted it.

I'm just sitting here thinking "huh, that was fast".

Anyone know where I can source a DMG link cable with the 5v pins connected?

I know that it's possible to mod certain cables, but I'm wondering if anyone is selling cables which already have the 5v line wired in.

Eurorack is expensive and the format is really not for everyone.

I've always been interested, but never felt like there was a way to experiment with the format.

Until now.

Really cool that there are _two_ awesome tracker-based synth/sequencer/samplers available!

This fantastic video gives a pretty fair comparison of the two from someone who owns both.

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